Mines near objectives


If you place any mines near objectives, they don't let you interact with it. I can confirm it also happens with cogitators, so I'm assuming it has the same effect on any interactable object.

Here's how to replicate:

Start a silence the guns mission. Go to objective, lay mines near the guns. Try to interact with objective.


Do not lay mines near the objective, if you did, find a enemy and lure him to the mines.

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Mines near objectives
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48 days ago
Brother Kundari
They should let us detonate them by leaving the button pressed.
49 days ago
Yes, we already knows this, and been knowing it for a very long time, and it is one extremely annoying bug one too, and we´re quite upset because of the fact it is such a preventer of getting your Main Objectives in Missions done. And we all know it is one massive annoying bug one.