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Greetings, Hunters!

Has it really been over a decade? Apparently, yes! The original The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was released in 2013, and it slowly became a cult hit. Inspired by pulp adventures and various works in the "new weird" movement, this game invited players to a strange Gothic-Noir world full of wonders, and introduced a new hero, a descendant of Bram Stoker's popular Abraham Van Helsing character.

Since NeocoreGames is a Hungarian company, you will see a lot of local inspiration in this action-RPG series. Van Helsing roams the fictional Central European country, Borgovia, dealing with various wild monsters and Fulmigati's vicious inventions of weird science.

He doesn't travel alone, as his ever-snarky ghost companion, Katarina is always there to save the day. After the first game, the iconic duo has appeared in two sequels, and we also made Deathtrap, a tower defense / action-RPG hybrid spinoff featuring the Ink world, one of the trademarks of the series. Besides the hat, of course.

All of this effort has culminated in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut that combines the three shorter adventures into a massive one, featuring multiple classes, fantastic locales and tons of loot to collect! At that point, in 2015, the series has sold over 1 million copies, and since then, many more new players have enjoyed the hunter's adventures, even on consoles.

We have not forgotten this fantastic world, and we still fondly remember the exciting adventures within. We still have our little Domovoy mascot plushie in our office! We can't help but wonder... do people still play our Van Helsing games?

In any case, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Anthology receives a 90% discount on Steam today (with the first game appearing in "Today's Deal"), and will remain on sale for a limited time, so make sure to grab the pack if you don't own it yet.

If you are one of the long-time fans, please share your fondest memories of the series!

As for the newcomers, we welcome you to the eternally intriguing land of Borgovia!

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Hunter in the Spotlight: Van Helsing Daily Deal!
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35 days ago
I love this game and I will continue to say this till the day arthritis takes my ability to type away.  The only thing that bums me out is they never ported Final Cut to the Consoles.  Final Cut is soooo damn good compared to the original trilogy and me and my bro would be playing it still to this day.  Alas, it is what it is and it will never be more than a shakespearian dream of dreams.
54 days ago
I can't say I'm a long-time fan since I just found Van Helsing 2 years ago, but it's been deeply memorable for me. Maybe because I started playing it right around when my family moved across the country to have my son -- the title music of the game hits with a deep nostalgia every time. 

Lots of great memories from playing Van Helsing -- it's a hilariously zany game. I think one of my most memorable experience was with the absolute craziness of an Adventure Map I was playing at way too high a difficulty for my char. I was smashing Phlogistoneer buttons until the screen filled up with explosions, cycling Chronolock to boost damage into the stratosphere. It was the first time I won anything on Inhuman Ordeal. 

But yeah -- the music, the art, the explosions. Katarina's amazing delivery of her lines. All deeply good and memorable.

Small and simple thing, but everytime I replay the game I take enormous joy in finding ways to get the maximum loot out of the treasure domovoy at the start of the game. Love that you guys have a Domovoy plushy.