End game content missing



I have been playing since release and have 8 differnt chars (2 of each class) and once you hit 100 (I did this on 1 so far but the others are either 90 or 80 or somewhere in between) and there is not much to do once you go past 90. Sure the void crusades and farming armour and weapons but once you have your setup the game is really missing something to play as a party or even solo like the old warzone knight fight or a greater daemon fight or something along those lines.

It would be great to see in a future patch/release if there is one and its a bit dissapointing not to see something like this in the Prophecy release. Hopefully it is coming but as it stands past leveling there is almost nothing left to do in the game.

I had also hoped you would incluide armour + weapon sets (I thought this is what daemon/holy enchanted items were or would be). This is surely missing from the game.

Just some throught from a big fan, what do you guys think?

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End game content missing
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3 years 150 days ago
If you are going to put the time into developing end game content, there needs to be a reason to play it.

3 years 150 days ago
At 90-100 and fully geared from VC what would you want the get from any end game(more crafting mat's, no thanks). Love VC, but have nothing more to get out of it on 4 level 100's. As for end game coop, all they need to do is put in some 110 tarot cards. Some builds are already clearing +99's, any better gear and they would be a joke. As for higher than +99's can't see that.
3 years 151 days ago
I second the notion.
3 years 162 days ago

Agreed. Better endgame is needed. I mean, sure.. 2.0 was practically the prophecy update since prophecy was originally supposed to launch when 2.0 did but was postponed. VCs can be played starting at level 50.. so I wouldn't exactly call it endgame content. Neither would I call warzones (in its current form) endgame. 

Hopefully, with new seasons bringing new enemies eventually.. we will get actual endgame content. I would be suprised if the devs didn't have anything new in the pipes. When supposed content would come? Nobody knows but the devs but I do hope they will reveal something soon.

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3 years 162 days ago

This is something we will consider in the developing process in the future, thanks for your feedback!

3 years 163 days ago

I also miss armour + weapon sets and a end game after you pass lvl 100. It would be nice to have something to work towards.