[BUG] can't type "*" (asterisk) in the password field in game.


You can't type "*" (asterisk) in the password field in game.

I went mad for like an hour before realizing I when typing in my password, the "*" character does not enter into the field. 

I'd write an STR and expected result and all that but my brain power is not having it today XD sat there for like 30m waiting for the "account servers" to sync in game or something, but watching me type my password i noticed you can't type an asterisk in the password field 

... and I'm stuck at "Logging in" in the game XD is the neocore acc stuff borked?

Oh, also, when you change your password, there is a typo in the confirmation message "Yout" is misspelled when I'm pretty sure it should be "Your"

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[BUG] can't type "*" (asterisk) in the password field in game.
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172 days ago

Yes Van Helsing doesn't support online play anymore, since the game server provider shut down their services. You can however play offline, and download and play with your characters that you have created in the past, we have saved those for you guys! For more info and instructions on how to get back your characters, please refer to the following article:

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut Online Character Downloader | NeocoreGames

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173 days ago
VH:FC no longer has online servers to log into, although you can still do everything offline in solo play.  So there's no point trying to log into something that doesn't exist and probably why you are running into issues in game.