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First of all, i absolutely love Martyr. It's in my top list of any such games, even a lot higher than Diablo 3 or Grim Dawn etc.

Now to the point. I don't even know if Inquisitor Marty dev team keeping an eye to the game and/or even support it at this point, but can you please add some basic QoL improvements? 

a) I'm an UWD user (32:9). Game works great, no streched image etc, but the problem lies to my character's health/suppression bar. Due to my monitors size, it's really hard to keep an eye to the sup/hp bars, and especially while i'm into chaotic situations as hybrid ranged/melee user. So, any possibility to add to the game overhead HP/SP bars? Why Enemies have, but our characters not?

b) Please option to pan/tilt the camera, and rotation increase. It's really difficult sometime to take care of distant Enemies with Sniper Rifles, due to low fov/zoom. In-game up/down camera offset option not helping. Camera rotation it's way too much slow (keyboard). Please add more rotational speed increase too. It's way too much slow. 

c) I noticed a lot of times Exitus rifle shots, stopping in some kind of invisible walls, before the shot can reach the target. Be it just barrels, or even items in the ground. Trying touse any high spots to take advantage and shot enemies, and shots stops again just few meters ahead.I can see the shot impact/flashing hitting invisible barriers. Is that some kind of bug, or normal game mechanism? In either way, need's to get fixed.

d) Why no combat log in chat window and a target dummy to test our weapons damage?

e) Add more difficulty options, higher tiers than Eye of Terror, or some kind of ultra hard Bosses.

That's all and sorry for the wall of text. A new Story DLC with more maps/enemies etc, would be appreciated by the way.

Praise the Emperor.

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Bit of Feedback & Suggestions
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1 year 22 days ago
Turns out the not being able to take and paste screenshots in a comment is by design, so as to limit the content to the necessities in the forum. 
1 year 23 days ago
Well, it's not that important anyway. I don't think I've ever used the support chat and it looks like it needs me to register and I'm lazy, especially since it's just a minor quibble anyway, nothing important.

(But on that note, I do know how to post image links, I've used this feature here about 73 times [repeating, of course] - but whatever website update you did now simply shows an error message. I tried two different image hosting services with the same result here).

(And one final note: without re-opening the whole tech fragment can of worms again, there could be an easy way to at least partially improve the situation: 1) remove the 700% cap on tech fragment drops and make the tech fragment drops scale logarithmically beyond +10 missions; 2) make tech fragments upgrade not the individual weapons, but the weapon slots - i.e. primary and secondary weaponry. The latter might be more complicated, no idea if it's something you guys are prepared to dig into, but it would significantly help address the issue of zero experimentation and build diversity of the constructs at higher weapon levels)

1 year 23 days ago

Hi, I've added your ideas to our list of suggestions. Thank you for your input. As for the .cc, you are able to upload a picture to your comment via pasting in a link to the picture. Alternatively, you could message me in the support chat, sending screenshots might be more straightforward in there. Cheers!

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1 year 23 days ago
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1 year 27 days ago

Let's try this then: 

[Link removed cause Neocore is butthurt about linking screenshots]

See where the upgrade would cause a major head scratching?

Losing +4 Mindlink to some random 12% dodge chance? Please, these events are very few and far between, at least give them some bang. An important stat should be a given on such rare items - not just some meaningless RNG roll that we can 10 times a day 365 days a year...

You really should fix your Postimg aggro, it's not cool.

[Link removed cause Neocore is butthurt about linking screenshots]

Did they kill your servo skull or something?

1 year 27 days ago

@OEREGHARCOS‍  one thing that I think would help and should be relatively easy to implement is a way to productively dump all the excess credits, blueprints and mats. Even with re-rolling the items for the not-really-needed 0.1% gains, after all these years there are bound to be quite a few people constantly hovering around the 1 billion cap.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, one way of addressing this would be to implement crit crafting, where adding a boatload of credits and mats to the crafting screen would get a chance to produce a lvl 100 item. That way you could address the 90+ gearing problem and the excess of resources with literally nothing to spend them on.

(And the tech fragments.... Feel free to open a debate if you think it is something that would fall within Neocore's plans for the game, but man, that change 2 or 3 years ago is a major pain)

Thanks also for the new event drops, they don't look half bad, but some attributes on the implants would be good. It's a hard choice to let go of the +4 Mindlink for the new shiny.

I wanted to post a screenshot, but it seems Neocore is at war with ? What's the problem here? I don't get it...

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1 year 54 days ago
I agree, Neocore has its own strength in this and the interaction with players is by far the best I have seen among the game studios. It's in part possible exactly because of the niche approach and I don't think would be possible at all with a huge franchise. In most cases, game studios don't seem to give a toss even if they have the capacity (apart from the occasional PR blurbs and 'we listen' corporate messages).

Which is completely different with Neocore. Despite the various bugs, glitches and oversights, such close and pretty much daily exchange with the player base really is unique and a big plus for Neocore.

1 year 55 days ago
Hi, your thoughtful and level-headed take is appreciated. What gives this company its very charm is certainly also a limitation of sorts, but one side wouldn't exist without the other. Thank you for supporting the game and with that the hard work that goes into every facet of it. 

As to my name, despite my evil plan to confuse you guys with it, and/or make you type a lot, I will give you a little hint to a loophole: if you want to use a two letter abbreviation, OH would make the most sense.

1 year 56 days ago
I probably wouldn't hold my breath. Over the years the community has made many suggestions, some of them made it, others didn't. We had a similar discussion about a year ago, none of it made it into the game (I could write stories about what suggestions and bug fixes did not make it into the game) and Marco indirectly acknowledged the view; don't get your hopes up. Now that the game is getting very aged, there are very few updates that will be done to the game. New season twice a year, some low-hanging fruit, easy to implement fixes, endless support to the usual Thorn / Uther's Secret / Biologis / Van Wynter bugs, and that's it.

I would be very surprised if there was a new overhaul of the UI, we got one last year (if memory serves) - and even that small refresh was a bit unexpected - and most of the original Martyr dev team have long departed. I doubt there are too many left who were part of the original launch team (Megapull and perhaps a few others?). They are unlikely to keep digging through the old code to support requests for a game released years ago and that no longer brings in any serious cash. (and to be honest, even if you love the game you have to admit it was never a smash hit)

Ultimately, Neocore have to look to the future and new projects to bring in new cash, and that will not be done with Martyr. King Arthur expansion and whatever comes next. What we saw last December is in my view what we should realistically expect from now on, half-broken seasonal updates done by a couple of devs, barely tested, followed by a few hotfixes and that will be it. Keep enjoying the game as it is and take any more substantial update as an unexpected bonus. I know I have my own pet peeves with this game and a whole list of things that could be improved, but that just won't happen. Keep playing and enjoying it as much as you can, knowing that Neocore has other fish (and sales) to fry. Martyr won't keep their coffers full...

On that note, good bye to Marco and welcome to... How do we shorten your name? OG? Ogh? Oer? Have mercy, please.

1 year 58 days ago

thank you for your constructive comment :) 

Your ideas have been put on the suggestions list. The dev team is very busy working on other high-priority projects though, so it probably won't be a fast process.
Thanks again for your proactive support, and have a great day!

1 year 59 days ago

Yeah more camera tilt would be great

Though I think your love for sniper rifles (and wish for harder levels) would likely decrease after you try enough +18 levels (damage -99%).

Thing is, the ultimate difficulty in this game already make builds options and weapon choices scarce. 

1. One important part to do damage in these hard levels is to hit as fast as we can so that we could apply high stacks of vulnerability on the enemy. And better use weapons with large, persistent AoE.

In simple words, hit as fast and as many as we can.

So these mechanisms strongly disfavor sniper guns (and many more weapons like plasma gun and plasma cannons), and heat aura psalm, as a fast-hitting AoE, is almost everywhere when you look for builds.

2. The enemies in these levels also do huge amount of damage that sometimes even make the resistance and damage reduction mechanisms meaningless:  these cursed heretics could still easily kill an inquisitor with maximum resistance and DR, sometimes with simply one shot.

Instead, players often have to rely on invulnerability enchants to survive in these levels. 

For the target dummy thing, it's a good idea to me but they simply said they have no such plan, I don't know why :(