The Skulls bonus reward


... is on it's way to all who chipped in to the fight! Stay tuned, Inquisitors!

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The Skulls bonus reward
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1 year 47 days ago

These seasonal items are not equippable with additional Psalm doctrines by design, so as to not result in an item everyone is using from now on, but in a, well, seasonal item :)

1 year 48 days ago
About the event items (also counting the previous years): any reason you have decided to keep them at level 10? We now have three (main implant, neural implant and inoculator), all at level 10 - even though their stats are clearly level 100. Well, except the neural implant, which is stuck at 100 suppression.

They give very interesting mechanics for us to play around, but since they're level 10, it's impossible to use any psalm doctrine on them. Seems an odd decision. Why not boost their level to 100 once they are fully unlocked?