Quality of life Suggestions


Banks and Bags:

Bank space is very much needed. With the current system it makes it very difficult to have multiple characters and that doesn’t even include seasonal characters.. We can already buy a flavor chest with favor to go on top of our bank. It would be nice if that opened up a bank tab as well and then be the gateway to open up even more bank slots through the use of fate, because as it is, once you are, end game, there isn’t much you need to use fate on and it accumulates. You all could even add a side story for it, where we have to do something for the Mechanicus, to open more bank slots after we buy the flavor chest.  

Inventory space is needed because you get into missions with lots of loot dropping like industrial with tons of barrels and boxes. Been in missions where we are throwing multiple pages of loot away just to make room for better loot. Maybe again something you can purchase with Fate or Favor with a side mission to open up the option to do so. We have many stations in the special mission section that aren’t used for anything but the missions themselves. So using one of them to buy bag and/or bank tabs would be a good way to add it in game. Much like how we get attributes and passives points from Merciful Agony. 

Separate Bank Tab for Non Gear Items:

Psalms, Gems, and Consumables already take up almost a page in the bank by themselves, so it would be nice to have a bank page just for those. Much like the Tech Adepts get for their TA stuff.  

In Mission Loot:

Higher map loot limits, as with even 2 people, loot stops dropping at some point if you leave items lying around the map. I imagine this might be fixed by the work you all are doing on the back end. It still would be nice to ignore all the blues with large groups at higher lvl to save on spending time throwing away loot in your inventory. 

Trash System:

New Trash system idea. The current system is a pain to work with and half the time you can’t even see the icon when you are trying to throw something away so it doesn’t throw away what you are trying to trash and you end up trying to trash it multiple times. An idea to improve the system would be to have a trash mode instead of drag and drop. You hit the Icon and it switches on trash mode, then you click items to select and deselect them for disposal. Once you have check marked all the items to trash, then hit the trash icon again to trash them all at once.

This kind of system makes sure you don’t accidentally delete stuff you don’t want to ( Something that happens with the drag and drop system from time to time if you aren’t careful ) It saves time, energy, and ends the frustration many have with the current system. 

Certain Enchant don’t want to share the same item: 

More of a bug maybe, but thought I would throw it in. Enchants that aren’t the same sometimes don’t want to share the same piece of gear. I have spent 10s of millions of credits trying to get them to roll together and no luck. Something to look into, as it forces folks to pick enchants they don’t want on gear and miss out on others they could use. Don’t know if this was done on purpose or if it is an accident of them being listed under the same classes such as damage, or status effect.

Some Examples:

Eye Implant:

20% dam to bleeding enemies, 20% Dam Slow, Stock , Stun

Main Implant:

Having 2 add status to target based on condition on the same item

Auto Movement:

Give us the option to turn the auto move off. Many of us use the keys rather than the mouse to move around the board. The auto pathing and movement tends to fight a player who does this. Especially when they are using something like the Aether Blade or other movement skill based items. The system will try and walk you around items in your way to get a clear path to where you pointed the mouse and activated the skill. This can get a player killed as they lose control of their character for a moment and/or fight it in order to go a different direction. Personally, I would rather just have things such as the Aether Blade slam me into the closest object in the direction I choose, rather than the system trying to walk me around a box. In case of things like jump packs or teleports, just jump us as far as we can go in that direction instead of making the character walk within range first when the toggle is off.

In short, the system is useful for folks who like to use the mouse for movement, but horrible for those of us who want to use keys for direct control. Hence a toggle switch for the system would be amazing in order to satisfy both play styles.  

Crafting Materials:

Turning crafting material into other crafting materials would be a good addition. Giving us an option to use lower lvl mats and exchange them for higher lvl mats is something that is needed. As once you reach the end game, you are stacking huge amounts of the standard mats, but are in great need of the higher lvl ones. So a system in play that would allow us to exchange those stockpiles for something useful would be much appreciated.  


Add a counter to the consumable icon next to the portrait as you can’t see how many you have left when you mouse over it because it is covered by the mouse. A simple number next to it would be a huge time saver and lessen frustration of trying to get the mouse in a certain pixel in order to see the number left. 

Thanks for reading, sorry for the novel, xD and I continue to appreciate the hard work you all put in! I am loving the game!



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Quality of life Suggestions
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2 years 137 days ago
Different Play styles, different uses. You may be good with it, but everyone I talk to wants more tabs and I get around. We are always trashing loot in missions at least twice, on heavy mission we could be trashing loot 4 or 5 times. I am talking about removing well over a dozen piece per a time as well, not just a piece of 2. I am betting you aren't breaking everything on the board for loot if you aren't running into that issue. 

I can tell you know with all the loot I bring back I have geared about dozen or more new folks with lvl 90+ 6 enchant gear and that is my left over gear I don't want. I got a full 3 tabs of gear all over lvl 95+ 6 enchant, most of it lvl 98 and up. 

Yup I was informed about that, but in the enchant viewer, they aren't listed under the same class. 

For us with a ridiculous number of Mats that are wholly unused, it would be nice to exchange the for higher lvl mats. Cobra for instance is sitting on 100s of thousands, if not in the millions at this point of the lesser mats.  


2 years 139 days ago

I am with Marco on the inventory topic.
On seasonal I barely use 2 tabs and on non seasonal I am a little over 3.
That is with 8 characters, having each class twice for puritan and radical.

The in-mission loot and trash system kind of go hand in hand.
Maybe an option on the loot filter to automatically trash items you won't pick up?

The enchant thing is a feature and not a bug.
It is called exclusion groups and does precisely what it is supposed to.
Prevent stat stacking on single items.

Both damage vs bleeding and damage vs slow, shock and stun are in the "damage_percent_against_debuff" exclusion group.
You can only ever have one enchant from each exclusion group on an item.

The exclusion groups are also listed in the enchant viewer if you expand the enchant details.

Auto-Movement I am indifferent about.
I personally youse click to move, but more options are always a good thing.

I don't really see a need for crafting material conversion.
You get tons of blue and purple mats from salvaging, red sparks are barely used.
Orange sparks are what we grind for.
Why would you remove the only late game motivation?
There is also the option to buy them from the ordos vendors.

The counter on the consumable buffs I can fully get behind.

2 years 139 days ago
Interesting Ideas on both!
2 years 139 days ago

I think you missed where they said that the game is a passion project for them. So even with them working on other projects, don't expect this to disappear or stop being worked on anytime soon. You never know what they might implement as more players are joining the game everyday bud. :) 

Personally and I know I am not alone. I don't think extra tabs should be hidden away in seasons to never be seen again. Those are too important for them not to be unlocked through the regular game. Especially with all the new player joining the game.  

2 years 143 days ago

"Until i SEE proof i will call BS on your "5 tabs" piece Marco...."

Aren't you a bit too feisty? Especially for someone who is wrong...

You can have up to five tabs in your stasis casket, not just three. It was introduced with the second or third season - can't really remember which.

As for inventory, three tabs are such a crusader-psyker-assassin issue... Embrace your TA yearning and get your fourth inventory tab.

But as a general remark, don't expect ground-sweeping changes in the game. Low-hanging fruit, easy to implement - sure. Bigger re-design and substantial new or reworked features - no. The game is getting on, it has its age and it's not like there are millions concurrent players or something. Neocore is not Rockstar, they are a fairly small studio of ~60 (?) people, they won't dwell on Martyr for the next decade. Their attention is on the new game - all Martyr can expect is the new Sororitas update (which honestly is already more than I've been expecting), the occasional new season, and a few tweaks here and there that can be done without spending too much resources on them.

Forget about major revisions or features, enjoy the game as it is, that's all I can say...

2 years 144 days ago

Shard and Code crafting, can you make it so we don't need them in our inventory ?



2 years 144 days ago

How about this idea: every character has his/her own Stash + ther is a account wide shared stash.



2 years 159 days ago

Well you have an active player base and people willing to continue to buy DLC. If it beyond the current scope of the project. Maybe plan a DLC that adds missions and the auction house along with it. I would pay some money for that as I am sure many others would. Currently we are all having to do trades through discord and the mailing system.  Doing it that way is stretchy at best and auction houses have become a standard for multiplayer games like this after-all. I would ask you guys, please, put some serious thought into it. An auction house would be nothing but beneficial to the community.

Hehe... Dial it back a bit Cobra xD. Macro is a good guy and willing to listen. :) He can only do so much though as the decisions are out of his hands.

 Macro... There is a reason so many people have come forward with the inventory and bank space issue. That is because a majority of players feels that it isn't enough. We are willing to pay favor/fate or both for the extra space. It can only add to the game giving players something else to complete. The more you have to complete after all, the longer the average player will stick around, giving them the time to take a liking to the game... long term. The more extras you provide players, the more they want to stick around after all. 

While I am at it. Another thing I forgot to add to the original post. All of us would really like a way to either tell NPCs to stay in place or change who they are following in the maps for panic rooms and rescues. 


2 years 160 days ago

"The expanded storage idea is a recurring request. There are 5 tabs for those who unlocked the option in Season 3. That is plenty even for me who is always more lenient and understanding in these questions. We should add 6? Or a separate 6th which can contain only psalm codes and shards?

The inventory expansion is a different question but our Endgame team's team leader thinks that it is still enough for 1 mission and you can always use the sort by rarity option if you want to collect the more valuable ones. I think that the problem lies in the massive invaluable drops in higher levels. Too many common items for example which are useless for hardcore players if we don't count their material value."  Direct quote from Marcopolocs

1st thing. I have been with the game playing since Season 1....I ran a couple seasonals in 3....Where in the sam hell do you think anyone got more than the base 3 tabs???? I have neither seen it NOR have i heard about it from ANYONE.....Reason is simple...I WANT IT!!!  The current set of 3 tabs in Inventory and 3 in Chest are simply NOT enough for those running multiple characters ( especially like me who has several of EACH class ) Until i SEE proof i will call BS on your "5 tabs" piece Marco....

Caveat...you agree we should have more than the tabs we currently have so your good. Tell your team lead to try running several different class max leveled characters and then tell us that what we have is enough....That MIGHT jog their common sense a bit. 

Better yet..Let them run a mission or two with Nathual. He can EASILY SHOW them that the 3 tabs for active inventory are NOT enough for a single mission....

For a single character...that indeed would be enough...However....for multiples...its a straight no-go. We need more ( and some of us are even willing to pay Fate points to get it per "tab" extra ( up to the space available on the screen of course )

2nd thing. Like the stash size ( number of tab/pages ) We ALL want more active Inventory space....3 tabs isnt nearly enough in some missions ( like Co-Op VC End Supreme treasure chests with the loot booster on for instance.....) Again willing to pay Fate points to get the extra "tabs/pages"

2 years 160 days ago

The auction house would indeed be immensely beneficial for players but such a feature is beyond the scope of the game. Especially after almost 4 years.

The Shards, Psalms and consumables take up quite some space in the inventory/storage so creating an additional tab for these items in the storage would solve the issue which we are discussing here. At least, I don't see why 4/5 tabs wouldn't be enough even for hardcore players if only actual equipment goes in there.

2 years 162 days ago
A separate Tab for Shards, Psalms, and Consumables only, would be excellent... if that is all they aren't willing to budge on bank space. Having the ability to buy more bank tabs with Fate or Favor would be amazing though as many folks don't do seasonal or worry about it at all. Then there are some like me who like to do experiments and builds. That takes up huge amounts of inventory space testing out items. I have heard many folks who have a character in every class (aka 4 characters) say that inventory space is at a premium with them as well as they like to keep gear for different builds around for each class and they barely have space for anything new or interesting they want to experiment with. 

With the reduction in demons, the loot shouldn't be as much as a problem now in regards to inventory, without 100+ Champions spawning from psyker on board. The main problem was the complete stopping of drops from NPC if you didn't pick up everything. As the Boss, elite, villians, and such were effected by that as well. The ability to buy more space with Fate or favor would still be nice though. It really isn't about if a player needs it, but if the player wants it. 

From a developers perspective on both the previous points, it is another time sink and task for your player to complete, that will give them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Making it available to those not doing seasonal make sense, because your entire player base will have access and those who come in down the road, won't feel that they are missing out because they weren't here for a season.  For something as important as bank space, it shouldn't be tied to event ( aka seasons ), but progression and in-game currency paid access.

To answer you question, you can't have both said enchants listed as examples together on the item. 

Another idea I had, but forgot to add into the post was about an auction house. So much good gear comes around that we either have to trash it or give away because we don't have room to store it, it can get a bit crazy. Also, Since we don't have an official way to trade gear for money or other items without just utterly trusting the opposite party, an auction house could solve this as well. Then their is the grind that something just won't give you what you want no matter how much you grind. My friend for instances has been trying to get a 6 enchant relic heavy flamer for weeks on end and keeps getting 5 enchant one by the dozen. Giving players the ability to sell high-end items on a auction house would help solve this to. After all, most games of this type have a auction house for people to spend money on to get that one piece of gear they have been looking for, for extended times. 

2 years 165 days ago

The new trash system sounds interesting. We already discussed that the current one is neither good nor bug-free (it can cause crashes randomly which we could never directly reproduce..). I will forward this suggestion for sure!

The expanded storage idea is a recurring request. There are 5 tabs for those who unlocked the option in Season 3. That is plenty even for me who is always more lenient and understanding in these questions. We should add 6? Or a separate 6th which can contain only psalm codes and shards?

The inventory expansion is a different question but our Endgame team's team leader thinks that it is still enough for 1 mission and you can always use the sort by rarity option if you want to collect the more valuable ones. I think that the problem lies in the massive invaluable drops in higher levels. Too many common items for example which are useless for hardcore players if we don't count their material value.

The in-mission loot idea was also forwarded. :)

Certain Enchant don’t want to share the same item

You saw this on items where you previously could roll a given enchant but once you rolled another one then you couldn't roll the first one again?

Things that I don't see much chance to get realized anytime soon:

Crafting materials exchanged for other materials. 

It is reasonable but once I brought this up but the idea was turned down. We rather put our time into other more impactful things than this. 

The auto movement disable option will less likely to get delivered as well but as always, we will have a word about this!

2 years 165 days ago
Brother Kundari

I am glad to hear they are going to be adding more stuff with the favor. I hope they consider some of the ideas I presented for it. 

With the consumables, I am talking when they are active . You have to scroll over them to see how many are left. The mouse gets in the way and you can't see the amount remaining. 

2 years 167 days ago
Well, when it comes to things to buy with Favor pts, I think they re working with new items to add to the list.

A counter for Consumable Icons you say. But there already are a number to indicate how many you have, on item itself.

2 years 170 days ago
Yes~! So many times Yes~!