XP for alts working as intended?


Hi, normally I run 2 or 3 actions with my first crusader I leveled up. I have run multiple actions with a brand new crusader and his exp is not budging. He remains first level. Is this really intended game design to discourage alts?

edit: As an aside, since I don't see a lot of complaining threads, I'm going to guess it might be more unique to those with concatenated same names. So, if I have a character named "Mortis Rex" That is first level and a character named "MortisRex" that is twelfth level, and the exp tables are crossed, the 1st level guy requires 12th level exp to level, perhaps the issue lies somewhere with that. Meaning, if your database query is requesting XP_TO_LEVEL and that exp to level is tied to a concatenated character name, then it's selecting the character name that is not concatenated as the entity source for that attribute.

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XP for alts working as intended?
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6 years 81 days ago

As i understand it your characters  level is based on how far you progresses on the storyline missions.   That little purple  skull one  or  it says    on the  right side too  what the next story mission is to do.  If you want to  level up your  characters level IE: the one on the left side  you have to do the story  or tarou missions.