XBOX - Visual Bug on Special Effects when enemies die


I have a visual bug on Xbox. Every time I kill any mob, it appears a weird expanding AXIS ( from center to the outside ), it has very bright colors, and every direction ( X , -X , Y , -Y, Z, -Z ) has a different color ( red, blue, green and white ). It's like some kind of "guide" used for the Special Effects on enemies deaths ( like explosions, body parts blowing up, and such ).

It's not a new bug, it appeared several patchs ago, or maybe I didn't pay attention before and it was there the whole time, but since I disabled floating damage numbers, the bug it's evident.

Some examples (swicth the play mode to HD, instead of SD, to see the axis properly, because they are small ):

Gif 01

Gif 02

Gif 03

*update*: The 3D axis shown is like this, but with animation from center to the outside.

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XBOX - Visual Bug on Special Effects when enemies die
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97 days ago
Oh, got it, thanks. I thought, the bug appears on your character not on the killed mobs. We will check this more deeply on our end.
97 days ago
98 days ago
A couple of us (including me) checked on the GIFs you sent but could not find anything out of the ordinary even after watching them in HD so we are unsure what the visual bug is. Could you try to zoom in a little more in combat so we can check it from a closer range?