[XBOX] Update for Inquisitor - v2.0.0.1 - October 30


Updates for Inquisitor have been released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

New Features

  • Special Loot crates with high tier items are now available at the Rogue Trader on the Command Bridge. These crates cost Fate points.
  • Updated the Journal with new images and videos

Bug fixes

  • Various performance and stability improvements 
  • Fixed random crashes during mission start
  • Several localization updates across all languages
  • Fixed an issue with Archeotech Shard and Psalm-Code Crafting
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[XBOX] Update for Inquisitor - v2.0.0.1 - October 30
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4 years 246 days ago
and when can we expect to have a full game? like pc i mean... 

Nobody was ever suppose to ask a question like that lool

4 years 263 days ago
Are the Special Loot Crate a permanent addition?

4 years 264 days ago
Is this patch is fixing the "missing Omicron Arkh" problem on Xbox?