[XBOX] Content Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | v1.0.1.6 | Nov 6


Following a maintenance period today, updates for Martyr will be released. Please make sure that your console has downloaded the update fully when the maintenance has ended. The game needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Please note that due to various factors, there may be slight differences in the actual time the patch goes live (within the range of 1-2 hours). Thank you for your understanding.

New Features

  • New Inquisitorial Rank Cap: 70
  • New Item Level Cap: 60
  • New Enemy Faction: Drukhari Dark Eldar
  • New Investigations available
  • New Title Screen and Main Menu Theme
  • New Achievements and Trophies
  • The Triglav Subsector is now open for Inquisitors! Players need to talk to Ragna on the Command bridge to start the Investigation that allows entry.
    • Minimum Mission Power Rating: 900
  • 5 New Tarot Cards available, unlockable by System Influence
  • Adjusted PR rating and greatly increased XP rewards of campaign maps
    • Adjustment from (200+PR)*2 to (200+PR)*3
    • Adjusted PR rating and greatly increased XP rewards of random maps
    • Adjustment from (500+PR/2)*Difficulty to (500+PR)*Difficulty

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Cabal Mission would not reset
  • Fixed an issue where a player's Cabal would remain unchanged on the Leaderboards after joining a new Cabal
  • Fixed an issue where the same button would be assigned to two separate functions when joining a Party
  • Fixed an issue where the selector bugged at the Warzone panels
  • Fixed a missing sound in the conversation with Klosterheim at the final bossfight
  • Fixed an issue where the wounded Thorn's model was missing when the game was still downloading content
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements
  • Localization fixes

PS: The long-awaited Starmap/Leaderboard related crash fixes are getting pushed live ASAP - most likely during next week. Thank you for your patience - The Emperor Protects.

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[XBOX] Content Update for Inquisitor - Martyr | v1.0.1.6 | Nov 6
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5 years 258 days ago

There some points in the game where do you have to choose but not enough for the achievement. I played 2 priority missions after the update and none gave me an option to earn morality.

5 years 258 days ago
So is there going to be any way to earn more Morality points with this new content? Still waiting for a way to get the Tough Choices achievement as it is currently impossible considering the priority assignments don't give out morality points as they should.
5 years 259 days ago

there will be a patch coming out either this week or at the first half of the next week containing the fixes for the crash issues.
May I ask are you playing on PS4? 

5 years 259 days ago
I hope the patch works well. However the the 2nd level of the vipers best story line is still crashing. 

I appreciate the hard wprk you guys do. I also know some bugs are just tricky. But I'm not sure why you're persisting with new content while the main story line remains unplayable.

5 years 259 days ago
Looks freaking great, ty! I just hope all my cosmetic DLC shows up in game now. 
5 years 259 days ago
Praise the Emperor !
5 years 259 days ago

Hey Developers/Neocore, I just wanted to say thank you guys for all your hardwork and just know you always got a fan here. Great update and can't wait to explore the new sector and the new enemy. Also, can't wait for more future updates/patches! As far as everyone else on Xbox, no new bugs to report as of yet and for any Psyker users out there? They have fixed the weird wait timer/cooldown on ability wait time. So you now can use multiple abilities at once again. Lastly they fixed the Cabal reset so now our cabal's should reset on reset day.

Tested on a Xbox One X