Xbox One X bugs and issues


Platform: Xbox One X

Mode: 1080p

GT: Karrib3n

Inq. name: can't remember now. 

Character lvl: 14

Date owned: 04/09/2018

1. got 4 crashes, one during start map boot, and 3 when loading side mission (various types) 

2. One freeze during combat

3. Frequent graphical artifacts and texture flickering 

4. Frequent frame drops, character sometimes "teleports" few meters forward

5. Occasional unresponsive controls

6. Occasional missing audio during combat and dialog

Guys, that is pretty serious stuff for full game price and months of leg up on PC. I love the game, but the quality is concerning, please patch as soon as you can or how they say, initiate the rites of fixing and prayers to Omnissiah. 

For The Emperor! 

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Xbox One X bugs and issues
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5 years 24 days ago
Didn't get to warzone yet. I had grahpical issues both on the ship and during the missions... :/
5 years 24 days ago
Any ETA on that? 
5 years 24 days ago
Don't worry, the patch is coming soon for both consoles.
5 years 24 days ago

Crash in star map is known and reported bug supposedly they working on fix, what dev told us. Other than that i have most graphical glitches and issues in Warzones, in main campaign it was fine for me, but targeting issues and lost of controls is annoying too, I hope some sort of update will be soon at least to adress some of these issues. Lets prey to Emperror that their rites to machine spirit will be succesfull.

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5 years 24 days ago
@ point 1, I ment Star Map