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I own the game on the Xbox One X, graphics and performance wise the game runs perfectly with a few issues.

Where there is too much action on the screen, the sound becomes laggy and/or delayed. Sometimes when you complete a mission and teleport back to your ship, the game still thinks your in the mission and bugs out requiring a restart. When you're on your ship sometimes your character and the footprints become big brightly coloured squares.

I know that given time, this game will have a beautiful Diablo 3/Van Helsing polish to it and I applaud the devs for their scope, vision and attention to detail with this game. These lil bugs need to be ironed out.

And my question is where's my Season 1 content, I wanna vanquish Dark Eldar and participate in the ongoing events.

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Xbox One X
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5 years 323 days ago
New bug report update. Some of the tarantula turrets will only fire from one side instead of both. Using your ultimate can sometimes bug out to the point where you can't use your ultimate or other attacks, you have to spam all your buttons to be able to attack normally. And the lock on is buggy as to the point where you can't target your objective because your character wants to pick up a supply, hit an explosive barrel, open a chest or target an enemy.
5 years 324 days ago
Season 1 will come to consoles as well, don't worry :)

Thanks for the feedback, we are working hard to eliminate the problems you have mentioned.