xbox one harbinger of hate error


I can not continue the purple campaign quests and neither can my girl friend .  I am a lvl  40 psyker she is a 42 assasin. xbox screen name is 

king gunn

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xbox one harbinger of hate error
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3 years 131 days ago
So what free gift are you going to give us players for having to wait for 34 days and counting. This is ridiculous that it has already been this long without fixing a main questline. Yes I am being critical, once again like other players I paid with my hard earned money to buy your game. Neocore seems to forget that or like the others just does not fornicatingly care.
3 years 135 days ago

We would like to get back to you that the mentioned fixes will be out shortly. Due to some technical difficulties we had to deal with the patch will be out a little later than we initially planned but this won't be long!

3 years 142 days ago
According to our plans, the patch will be out this week after undergoing a certification process. 
3 years 143 days ago
Any word on that update? Still cant use the Dlc I bought...
3 years 155 days ago


the patch is almost prepared on our end but please note that it has to undergo a strict certification process before it can be released therefore we cannot give an ETA but it may arrive at around the end of next week. 

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3 years 155 days ago
Any idea on the month that update will be release by any chance? I hope chaosbane will not have any of these issues. This game is super fun, but does have a lot of these issues. =(

Thank you for the reply. My gf and I still xoxo all of you. 

3 years 163 days ago

We are working on the issue occurring in the mentioned mission and preparing a patch already which will bring the fixes to Xbox!