xbox one harbinger of hate error


I can not continue the purple campaign quests and neither can my girl friend .  I am a lvl  40 psyker she is a 42 assasin. xbox screen name is 

king gunn

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xbox one harbinger of hate error
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1 day ago


the patch is almost prepared on our end but please note that it has to undergo a strict certification process before it can be released therefore we cannot give an ETA but it may arrive at around the end of next week. 

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1 day ago
Any idea on the month that update will be release by any chance? I hope chaosbane will not have any of these issues. This game is super fun, but does have a lot of these issues. =(

Thank you for the reply. My gf and I still xoxo all of you. 

9 days ago

We are working on the issue occurring in the mentioned mission and preparing a patch already which will bring the fixes to Xbox!