Xbox one 2.0 patch


So when i load the game i cant click on any menu, and there is no sound./

when i was able to get in that one time, all my crafting things were gone. I get the revamp but come on, going from 30 blueprints to 3?

and then  i get a random amount of credits that wont even buy me 1 blueprint.

not a fan of this patch so far and hope things are going well for others... anyone have any insight?

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Xbox one 2.0 patch
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2 years 352 days ago
The audio settings have been re-worked your volume should be set to the lowest when starting the game. Check it out.

Do you still have any issue with the login? You try to login with a character but it does not work? Or you cannot even reach the main menu properly? Please provide more information on the matter.