[XB1] Infinite loading times



It is a few weeks that I am playing Martyr on XBox1. Since the beginning, I am experiencing very long loading times, while loading for a mission. Like 5 or6 minutes. Sometimes even more. I am spending more time looking at the bar, rather than playing. Since I didn't see any other posts complaining about it, I wonder if it is normal. 

Is there a way to solve it? I canceled some games in order to free space on the HDD, with no effect. Thanks,


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[XB1] Infinite loading times
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360 days ago
Yeah. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game yesterday. No benefits.
362 days ago
Marcus Dracon
Not needed, we are having some clues already and will try to handle the problem in the long run since it requires major changes! 
363 days ago

It takes about 2 minutes or so for a mission to load for me and I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game and no change. I have a video capture of it if you like

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364 days ago

Yes, I'll do it, and let you know if it changes! Thanks


365 days ago

since your report we did numerous testings but the loading time on our end was only a fraction of what you are experiencing and we haven't got any similar reports. Could you please reinstall the game and check if that helps?