Worried about 2.0. console release


After the live stream stating 2.0 will Be released in a few months I feel you will cross over with the ultimate loot game Borderlands 3. 

I would rush to get this out before the release of BL3!!

Do you feel this will impact your playerbase??

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Worried about 2.0. console release
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5 years 38 days ago
Wait...There's gonna be a few MONTHS until PC gets the patch, both PC and consoles, or will consoles take EVEN LONGER?

Holy shit... I am so disappointed right now....I was so looking forward to this! I am on PS4

Sure, it's much better to come out with a bug-free patch and spend the time it takes to improve it.

But how does one miss a patch deadline by MONTHS. And announce it so soon before release?

Neocore, i have faith in you, and i love Martyr and the look of the new content coming.

But the way Propecjy has been handled, and now the patch....I'm just sad.

Don't get me wrong, i'll be here when they come out for sure! but still, sad about it :/

5 years 38 days ago

ahaha, no. These are different games. looter shooter and arpg. 

I have never loved borderlands. and the graphics there are frustratingly cartoony for me.

only warhammer40k, only hardcore!

5 years 38 days ago


So far there is not much to do to retain hardcore players.When borderlands 3 comes out there will necessarily be a huge inpact on all the other games.