Why the Crusader background?


I'm curious why it was decided to go with a Crusader background when the Inquisitor Crusader has more in common with a Space Marine in-game. I get that the word 'Crusader' is cool, and the Inquisitor definitely is a cool dude, but was that it? Or was it because the game needed a Space Marine class to calm down the masses? Either way, I wish you'd just called it the Astartes class instead of Crusader.

Right off the bat, you get to choose between three sub-classes:

  • Tactical
  • Assault
  • Heavy Gunner

Let's ignore for a moment that 'Tactical' and 'Assault' are both well-known variations of the Space Marines. When was the last time you heard of a Heavy Gunner Crusader? Never? Makes sense, because Crusader dogma doesn't permit ranged combat. They're all about melee combat with a power sword and a storm shield. And they wear modified carapace armor for more agility in combat. You know who doesn't wear carapace armor in the game? The Crusader. He wears power armor - with a missile battery on his back. He also wields a number of ranged weapons, because maybe he's a Heavy Gunner. A Heavy Gunner Crusader.

Coming back to Tactical and Assault, those are clearly Space Marine titles. Assault Marines and Tactical Marines have even been central in the last handful of Warhammer 40,000 video games released. Assault Marines wear jump packs and favor close quarters combat. Hmm. Tactical Marines are versatile medium range fighters. Huh. That sounds exactly like the play style of the Assault and Tactical sub-classes in this game. And the Heavy Gunner is obviously a Devastator Marine that was renamed.

I'm not saying you should go with a Crusader background and force us to whack stuff with a sword and board all day long. That would get old fast. And I get that you had to include a Space Marine archetype for the fans, but why not call it what it is? Why Crusader and not simply Astartes, or Space Marine? Tactical Marine, Assault Marine, Devastator Marine. There you go, now it fits the lore. And now we know why we look like a Space Marine.

The whole Crusader thing is just really confusing, because you're running around looking like a Space Marine, knocking over Chaos Marines left and right, while somehow you're not a Space Marine. The Crusader Inquisitor even refers to the normal people as "mortals" during a dialogue scene. That's what Space Marines call normal humans. So confusing.

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Why the Crusader background?
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4 years 294 days ago
What Crusaders are can be found in the Dark Heresy RPG, especially the Ascension book.
4 years 294 days ago

I tink even an Inquisitor would have problems calling himself a Space Marine. I guess the real Marines would objcet.

4 years 294 days ago
I would think the codex astartes would be read by military/combat people just like sun tzu is now. So...it makes pretty good sense that there'd be some overlap between elite non-SM forces and codex stuff.

Space Marines are 2' taller and much heavier than any normal human. Unless your head-cannon space marine is the runt of the litter.;)


4 years 294 days ago

*I meant power armor

4 years 294 days ago

I am sorry to tell you that, but you are wrong and it makes perfect sense. Inquisitors have the authority to use all available equipment in the imperium such as servo armors like the astartes have. Same goes for the weapons. The difference is, they are just smaller, because inquisitors are normal humans. 

Don't forget, Games Workshop is pretty strict in the depiction of their lore etc. It has to be correct.

If you want to learn more about Warhammer 40K and its universe, I recommend you to take a look at the "lexicanum" its a WikiPedia like website for Warhammer: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

Have fun

4 years 295 days ago

Well it makes sense because if you wear power armor you can shoot astartes class weaponry

4 years 295 days ago
Well Power armor inquisitors do exist ya know. But their power armor is still inferior to Space marine power armor for various reasons.

And they cant just slap the title astartes on him because inquisitors are simply not astartes.

 I think tactical and assault are not titles but the class in what the crusader specializes in. In theory you can even dub a guardsmen with the class tactical if you give him access to all the equipment in the imperiums arsenal.

I dont really get the point of this post. LoL.

Maybe they will add deathwatch marines or grey knights down the road because they work with the inquisition.

4 years 295 days ago
I mean if you look at it, the Heavy Bolter is an Astartes pattern Boltgun with a Drum magazine sooo
4 years 296 days ago

And I know that I can just head-canon him as a 'special' Space Marine, but that kind of goes out the window the second you save that real Space Marine and your Tech-priest is all "Ermagerd, he's a Space Marine! Let me tell you about Space Marines, and why they're more awesome than you!"