Why cooldowns and not resources ?


As the titel mention im asking my self for what reason do every special ability ( most 3rd and 4th ) have a cooldown ? 

Why dont just use resources for special attacks like only heat or amunition or in the case of meele why not focus ?

Will it be to overpowered in some situation ? I dont think so ! Even if you can kill an chaos-spacemarin with penetrationshoot in two hits it doesnt mean you can go an a killstreak with it becaus it produces alot of heat and than you can't use your weapon at all for a short time !

Best example is the bolter ,the bolter have the explosiv round ability but it uses 3 bullets instead of one so you can aoe kill things very quickly but he sooner needs to be reload that balances the overuse of the ability.

I also think ( personal opinion ) that the cooldowns ( except the basic attack ratio ) on every special ability and additionally using resources is the reason why the most player think that the game would be to slow.

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Why cooldowns and not resources ?
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Two other things that bothers me.

1. At least if you shoot (channel) with a boltpistol in full auto you can hit the button for assault jump as long as you like he wont interupt the action to jump and continue afterwards.

2. I got the feeling even if you hold the mousbutton to move he dont follows the mouse , he rather follows the invisible point on the floor were the mouse is pointing at. That leads to a wierd pathfinding problem if iam walking up a ramp and my mouse points into a wall the char dont follow the mouse-direction he follows the point on the floor behind the wall so he turns halfway on the ramp and follows the point on the floor. The mouse still is out of the map behind the wall so he runs a bit in the direction and then suddenly starts running around in a glitchy circel for all eternity until i move my mouse again.

Suggestion , dont let the the char follow the invisible point on the floor under the mouse if you hold the mouse to move around , let him run in the direction where the mouse is.

Iam sorry that i cant show you the thing in a vid because i have no knowledge of recording stuff but the issue should be very easy to replicate.

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There's sub 1 second cooldowns because guns don't have infinite rate of fire?

There's higher than 1 second cooldowns on some of the other 3 abilities on weapons because if they didn't have a cooldown they'd make others obsolete.

Take for example Aimed Shot availible on many rifles but lets say the autogun for now - usually with a fairly short cooldown of about 3-5 seconds. If it didn't have a cooldown (aka a sub 1 second cooldown - a basic attack) there'd never be a reason to use the left click. Ever. Aimed Shot is more ammo efficient, more accurate and deals more damage per shot (and it's also got several beneficial modifiers). But because it does have a cooldown it's still useful to weave into regular salvoes without making them obsolete.

Not to mention that every ability being able to fire as fast as you can click or even at sub 1 second cooldown would be incredibly boring.

Also as an aside your whole premise is false - there are cooldowns and resource costs. Resource costs still exist and are on every ranged ability.

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Of course they use cooldowns and resources , but what i havent in mind was the aimshot of the auto-rifle , of course it would be overpowered at the moment with no cooldown and only use one bullet to shoot therefore i mentioned the bolter example.

If the aimshot would use , lets say 10 bullets per shot, you could use it only 3 to 4 times with a stadart rifle if you level up and get better gear with higher resource capacity you could use it more offten and feel the better-ness of that weapon.

And on the other hand attack as fast as you can click ? By all respect i never mentioned that in my post and i would have never guessed you would think that iam THAT childisch ^^ , of course the weapon should have a attack per second scaling for baseattacks like it does now with the short cooldown. 

But yeah with the system i mention above you could of course spam 3 - 5 aimshots, but you could only kill 3 - 5 enemies and would have to reload so in close combat it would be more efficient to use the left mouse attack to kill more enemies with a lower ammuniton cost.

All that above dont means that it have to be on every weapon like that but i should be on the weapons that heave a special purpose like meele weapons. The thunderhammer has only one singelattack and one aoe attack ( without a stormshield ) with a 5 ? second cooldown , a singelattack dont kill most things on the same powerlevel with one hit but there are often many enemies , so you have to run away ( as a meele fighter ).

Just think of the barbarian in diablo 3 if he coulnd use his aoe attack until his rage is empty.

... and yes sry that i mentioned D3 , but i nneded an example.

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Ok after writing the post beneth i realised that the original post was a little brod formulated.

I edited it to get it more clear on what i tried to say.

Sry Datonkallandor , dont be mad at me ^^

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Sorry if I sounded confrontational. It's funny you mention Diablo 3 - because that game makes extensive use of very long cooldowns. Up to 120 seconds and more for some abilities.

For an example of an ARPG that uses no cooldowns and only resources, look to Path of Exile - and what that game ends up with is you picking one attack and only using that one attack until your mana runs out (then you chug a potion and keep going with the same abililty).

I agree that some abilities are problematic like the one-handed hammer you mentioned - it sucks but that's because it's a two-ability melee where both abilities kind of suck and it's only AoE is on a very long cooldown for a melee weapon. Usually their AoE is a basic attack.

Melee in general is kind of bad, but just removing all cooldowns wouldn't solve it - hell just look at the Assassin Power Sword: It's got incredibly short cooldowns on two massive range mobility skills, and both a single target and an AoE basic, all with no resource cost. And it's still not great.