Where to go to get news on updates?


I generally check on here once every day or so for updates and news but there doesn't seem to be much going on for a while now am i missing something?

I know there is a DISCORD channel but tbh i dont use it (probably should) is there another place save twitter or Facebook where news/discussions are going on or has there just been no updates since before the April fools "patch" info?

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Where to go to get news on updates?
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7 years 87 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! We know very well the material(.io) & flat designs and their guidelines (we use a lot of material icons as font-icons or SVGs as you can see), but never want to fully implemented this or that style to our corporate identity (and the websystems are included to this identity).

Ofc; thank your for your time & this comment, so your opinion, and in the future we want to improve and change a lot of things to immerse our visitors and/or customers, so please be patient! : ]

7 years 88 days ago

Thank you all for your feedback, and I mean it. All of my discord experience Has been with the app and in wow raids. As that's had been my only exposure and I tended to uninstall as soon as it wasn't a requirement, I honestly didn't realize that I could chat without talking. I will explore it further. 

For the site design. I understand where you're coming from, and while it may be presumptuous, let me tell you what I would tell you if you were paying me ;). Please understand I'm not just being mean or dismissive, I wouldn't spend time typing this if I were. Most of what I will say here is based off of google's "Material Design Guidelines". Also, understand that I enjoy Reddit and view it pretty frequently.

1. "Material design is guided by print-based design elements – such as typography, grids, space, scale, color, and imagery – to create hierarchy, meaning, and focus that immerse the user in the experience."

Where I feel this principle is violated is by the hierarchy and the focus that should immerse the user in the experience. Their should be a hierarchy of information presentation like so:

1. Company homepage is on the first tier with links  to product Info, which is on the second Tier

2. Individual product homepages with links to a forum 

3. Forums

This presents a rational hierarchy and eliminates extraneous information. The reason that I point this out first is that I think once you start presenting information without context, it stops being information and simply becomes useless data. Now, with the current setup, information is not presented in the context that your consumers are specifically interested in. Most of your consumers are going to be focused on 1 product per visit and when they're presented with all of the information about all of your products at once it paradoxically lowers the amount of information that they can find about their individual games. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Now, I'm not condemning the reddit styled comments, but I am condemning the inclusion of posts about every single product. I'm not interested in every single product when I come here. Maybe I want to see Inquisitor Martyr on one day and then Incredible Von Helsing on the another day (this is a real life situation). I don't want to plow through a bunch of comments that have no meaning to me during that visit. It would be like reddit grouping all discussions about cars, trucks, and motorcycles in one comment thread. Yeah, they're related in that they're all vehicles, but who wants to wade through 500 posts about 2 stroke engines to finally find a post about running boards? It hard for me to go into greater detail without answers to some very specific questions, but this is a good place to start (IMHO). 

Here is a link to Google's Material design which will probably explain things 100x better.


7 years 88 days ago

I think you might want to check out discord before coming to any conclusions MORTISREX, it's basically everything you have asked for without any of the things you have assumed would be a problem :D it's just an open chat room with sub chat rooms for support and other systems (text based!). There is the option for voice chat and calling people like skype etc but it's rarely if ever used.... 99.99% of goings on within discord are all text based.

so rest assured about ear infections, swearing or rudeness that your children might be exposed to... if you ever did want to come chat (via typing) everyone is also nice and polite.  

and it's also not really using 3rd party software.. .it's browser based so no different to loading this forum by typing a url or clicking a bookmark.

as the devs said tho, any news is put on all mediums including this forum so you don't miss anything. But if you want to actually interact with the dev team and staff or even other players (via typing) i'd encourage you to. I wouldn't complain that you are missing out on some of the non official updates,  (such as a dev telling us what they are working on) when really you could be interacting with them at the click of a button. That being said perhaps a weekly dev blog might help satisfy some of the players who want to avoid or don't have time for community interaction but want to feel more included.

have a nice day chap.

7 years 89 days ago

At Discord you don't have to speak with other people. We are using the chat only. 

But if you do not want to go there at all, you can follow our Newsreel where we will post every single little news about the game/development.

And of course you can always follow our Community HUB, where you can find the official news about Inquisitor Martyr. If you are use Facebook daily I would also recommend to follow our Facebook page.

7 years 89 days ago

About the UI/UX part of your comment:

our community site is not a classical "forum", it's a HUB, more likely a modern "Reddit-like System & DevBlog Hybrid", a full unique site, designed, build & developed from the ground up (this is what we wanted, what we are imagined in our early community meetings) and it's in (early) BETA state (as you can see up there below the active menu's title) just as the responsive design elements of the site (these modules are under development too in the background).

If you have any suggestions about the UI/UX or anything else with the web-systems, please share your thoughts with us:

  • What we need to improve or change in the future?
  • What feels soo uncomfortable (bad-UX-like things) to you and why?
  • What is horrible in the design?

We are always all ears and like to hear your opinion and positive-objective critics.

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7 years 90 days ago
Airsick Hydra

I am very disappointed because I do not want to wear a headset as they invariably lead to ear infections. I don't want to listen to unruly people swearing and then subject my children to it. I do not like to physically talk to people online. I just don't. I don't mind typing but the ideal that I'm forced to use a third party program to keep updated about this game is why I've kind of given up on the alpha. This forum design is pretty terrible too. Whoever heard of a game company having 1 forum and 1 thread for all of it's games? It's too disjointed, it's too much disarray. It's just a horrible overall design, and I am qualified to say that as I did UI/UX qa for 6 years and I don't think there is actually any concept of UI/UX applied to this website.

7 years 90 days ago

you know discord is browser based right? :) it's only ever a left click away, and it's not like you have to uninstall teamspeak. 

Discord is basically the inquisitor chat room, anything official is always on this forum though so you don't miss anything by not being on discord other than the opportunity to interact with the devs and ask them some more specific questions (or for spicy pics)
7 years 90 days ago

Hi guys! Here you can read every official news about Inquisitor Martyr. We had a 4 days long Easter break and also we are at a big milestone right now. So we are working very hard on the next update and if there is something official we can share you will be able to read it here.

At Discord you can chat with the devs, ask questions. 

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7 years 90 days ago

Yes, an update on when the next patch is projected for would be really nice.

Crafting has been broken since the day after 2.0 dropped for me, missions stopped repopulating, and the same with daily objectives.

Love to continue testing and playing this great game, but there's no point until the next set of fixes comes along.

7 years 91 days ago

Yeah I'm not that keen on discord either because TeamSpeak have work for me and my friends for years and years. I'm not switching to discord just so I can read news.... It is a common problem when Devs set up a webpage but use some other means of social networking to bring you the news. Hopefully we will get something, anything, after the Easter Holidays..