What the hell (item gear score)


ok ... so … I maxed out my first toon to lvl 50, full relic (at 100%) and ended up with a gs of 1505 … I went into 1 mission and my gs dropped to 1504, when I looked at my gear one of my grav pistols had dropped to 99% infusion, this might not seem a big deal but when your fusing other relics to max out your gs you start to notice this as becoming quite costly .. I would like to know if this is a bug or intentional as it is very costly to maintain max GS 

Please can a dev respond to this as other ppl in my cabal have reported the same thing happening to them to me

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What the hell (item gear score)
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5 years 349 days ago

Oh man, what the eternal fuckery is this?! We've already got to keep an eye on and track of our inventory/storage, but now the stats of our items? What's next? Our character stats?! 

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5 years 349 days ago
Got the same thing going on. Relics loosing a Power level all of a sudden.