What I think about game and what might be missing ...


I have seen a lot of mixed reviews and decided to add my little experience about the game, Don't hate me please but here it is:

Firstly, I must say I enjoy the game immensely, and I play it whenever I get the chance (almost daily). The game is built on one of the most solid lore in gaming history to my knowledge and apart from some glitches and performance problems every now and then I am happy with the outlook. One should consider that this game is still is in its junior days games like Diablo had decades to improve and even then D3 was horrible when it just came out (Sorry Blizzard D3 is excellent now, and I love it have on XBOX, PC, and PS4). That said, there are several things that can be improved upon: 

1-Adding set items or legendary items (there are so many to count in the lore that it would not be easy to count). This will make for more variety in builds.

2-Fixing the issues with range builds.

3-Adding some inside lore like finding bits an pieces of random history or lore to the game make the game more interesting (god know there is no shortage of that).

4-Adding some custom appearance and not just colour change makes the game more rich to look at (right now almost everyone looks the same).

5-The ability to increase the storage (either vias achievements or spending m credit or fate).

6-Being able to save builds (right now it is very confusing to organise your items, and you have to memorise or screenshot).

7-Unlimited abilities on some items (I don’t want to use D3 as an example, but in there we have legendary gems which are built sensitive). At the moment there is not much incentive to play the game over and over again except in warzone. 

8-It would have been good also to be able to unlock some bridge decoration or crew and such to personalise the gaming experience even more (not that important)

All and all, however, I think that the game is solid and I do recommend it as long as the developers listen to the community and implement some of the suggestions (or all of them, fingers crossed). The can only get better and better from here on.

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What I think about game and what might be missing ...
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3 years 305 days ago
My biggest issue are missions that require you to interact with objects and the pathing of your character. FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. God knows the game is broken if you don't. 
3 years 307 days ago

It would be nice to have an abuility to change loadout anytime and anywhere or at least have more loadout slots