What do I do now???


My assassin is stuck at 38 gear score not good enough to progress through Warzone and fate is pretty much non-existent. I have tarot farmed never seen a meme virus ever drop and so I am stuck.

I don't understand why there are no options to do anything further after a 5 chapter campaign that if you are lucky you can finish it around 24-28 maybe a level or two more.

I like this game but I have never had to do the same things over and over again in hoping that I might see a relic item of some kind drop and perhaps another to upgrade the previous.

I have tried co-op but the reward is not worth the trouble of finding a group.

Furthermore, when is the chat function going to be enable like it was in alpha so you can share ideas and get answers to this game?

Thank you...... 

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What do I do now???
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5 years 332 days ago

One last question, I understood from your comment is that there is some way to upgrade purple items, like fusion for relics? But I cannot find it

5 years 333 days ago
Thank you!
5 years 333 days ago

Think there's not...

Hmmm, I told you that... But again: look at Purple's affixes - very good one is +30damage and -30% cooldown on a skill - that skill does 85% additional damage (math!) and adds 30% CC on that skill. Some crappy one is having  +% to Salvo (if the skills you have aren't Salvo-type), or +magazine (it kinda always means like 3 bullets more, if you have 35 already - so, not a crucial skill)

That one, crappy, you should sell to get 3 Fate and ~15,000 gold. You should also sell the good one, if it's against everything you stand for - eg. Storm Shield when you're devoted ranged, or 1H if you prefer 2H mightily. Important thing is not to pile Puprles up 'for later use' - don't be afraid to sell them.

Relic - the same (except weapons) - sell for 10 Fate and 30,000 gold. Later, you'll get a better one. 'Good' Tarrot can even return you 50 fate (say you picked up zombify or what's it called which gives 5-20 Fate, and  few Purples and Relics you're not needing - and it's 'good' only because EXP,  but few like that will give you a level and unlock Perks). 

You can join Discord and ask what you find confusing - usually someone will help. In announcement section of Discord is a link for a wiki - sadly, far from complete - but it gives some good pointers...

At your level, main goal is to get good equipment and start warzone for even better ones - those will surely make things easier when DLC comes out - we don't know how high the requirements will be. If not, I believe you can level later, too.

5 years 333 days ago

You guys, who answered is there some sort of guide in style of icy-veins.com or wowhead? I am having kinda hard time understand details of game. For example till now, I had no idea, I should not sell purple weapons, etc?


5 years 333 days ago

Ehhhh, now you need to *work* :)

Chose random missions (don't bother with investigations, it's a waste of time), ones which you feel comfortable doing - for me, Nurgle or Chaos were ok, Rebels were harder because of focus fire; also type of mission - Assassination and Hunt and such can be finished by just killing main objectives - but kill as much as you can or else you'll get like half Fate. Best to play mission *like* Purge, but not Purge itself, because it's very boring when you have to run all across the map to kill few remaining mobs...

You probably need 10 missions for one Tarrot. So, workwork. When you do tarot, if equipment is what's you're lacking, chose -30% for enemies - gives penalty for experience, but allows to raise level of tarrot to 50% or 100% (again, do what you're comfortable with).

Keep what you need, don't invest too much in reforging (can try once or twice - this comes from Mighty Snakefist, who spent 20million credits in this way in two days :( ).

Sell all Purples you don't need and all unneeded Relics EXCEPT Weapons - you'll need weapons to use Fusion at Crafter, which will increase PR of your other Relics. 2-3 Weapons can add easily ~150 or more total PR when doing fusion on other items.

And that's it - if you happen to see treasure or meme-virus keeep them for lvl>40 (treasure) or >45 (meme). +50% damage use immediately - ideally, spend all 5 on tarrot, to allow better difficulty and more exp and better loot. But if you have several, sacrifice 1-2 when have for 2-3 tarrots.

Yes, Glory - in this process you'll get 150 Fate in Monday, because you'll have >800 - if you don't have it, do something to reach this number...

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5 years 334 days ago
In diablo 3 you can just change the difficulty level and drown in exp, gold, gems, some random elite mob dropped epics. I reached 70 and dont even fight Leoric. This game need manually changing difficulty, imho
5 years 334 days ago
World Chat is Discord, it seems.
5 years 334 days ago
If you finished the story line you should have atleast 1k+ fate saved up, if you didnt run any tarot missions.

Check the systems for completion, you get in atleast 3 around 150+ Fate for completing certain stages of it. One system gives you even 500 Fate at the end of it. It takes time, but its still a ARPG, so grinding is the way to go here.

For the tarot missions, run the minor tarot which gives you between 5-20 Fate per missions. Also always run them on impossible and with a "extreme fortune" buff.

Sell purple items and signum/belt/seals relic items you dont need. Both are giving fate back.

Just make sure you save up armour and 2hand weapons. (armour for second chars and the 2hand weapons for fusing)

Unfortunatly you have to grind the last ~10 levels either with tarot or regular missions.

If you already wearing a relic item, fuse it. You get a shitload of powerrating if you fuse them, even if they have a low ilvl.

Other than that, search for a active cabal, talk with the people, run missions with them, most player have more than enough relicts to share them. 

This game doesnt gives much help to newer player, so you need to search help for yourself. Check youtube, there are some guides for relic/credit farms and different builds.