Wh40k Martyr - Movement bug - Astute Cavalier (van Wynter legacy)


Campaign Chapter 4 Mission "the Astute Cavalier" (Clue 6/11)

After warping in at the start of the Mission I cannot move. Using the Crusader Special Skill of the Jump pack doesn't help either. Character jumps in place, even several tries do not help. Other random assignments/map missions work fine

Restarting mission and restarting the game does not help either.

Oh, and a little bonus...the "report bug" button in the menu doesn't work either :-)


Steam Version - both steam and Martyr up to date


I see here is already a thread about this, sorry. Unfamiliar with the used (confusing as hell) forum/ui setup here ;-/

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Wh40k Martyr - Movement bug - Astute Cavalier (van Wynter legacy)
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174 days ago

We hotfixed the issue, now players can move freely in the mission and complete it! Please check on it!

174 days ago

We are already on the matter and will get the issue fixed (both the Purge the Machine and the 'The Astute Cavalier'). I will keep you updated here!