WH40K Inquisitor will not work


I have been playing Martyr for a few days and it is a wonderful game...

I fire it up today and it will not load...

I get to the NeoCore Logo and then my skull turns into a blue circle, screen goes black and I hear startup music...

I get an error box, reads, " Game has crashed, reoprt has been sent." or something like that.

I have tried several of the fixes mentioned by others. I have unistalled/reinstalled...

Yes, I have verified files...on Steam

I am at a complete loss...

Why would it work like a dream and then splat?

Any help would be much appreciated...

intel i5 3.3 ghz, 8 gig ram, nvidia 960..Windows 8.1....

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WH40K Inquisitor will not work
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5 years 364 days ago
OKay, been a long time..I fixed the issue...and I have been playing the game with no worries...thanks guys...
6 years 106 days ago
i run the exe directly from the game's file as administrator and not from steam, try this
6 years 109 days ago
Thank you.
6 years 109 days ago

Please send your issue to the support team as well! [email protected]