WH40K : Crafting and Seasonal Stasis Casket Issue


Looking for resolution regarding two encountered issues after Sororitas DLC.  Playing new Sororitas class and issues encountered during Judgement Season play.  The Sororitas toon is a seasonal character.  Playing version 2.7.0b of game on PC.

1) When modifying relic items with Omicron Arkh, relic enchant slots are removed.  When using "reroll all enchantments", several 5 slot relics become 4 slot relics.  Continued used of "reroll all enchantments keep reducing the relic slots by 1 until I am only left with 2 relic slots on the item which will not further reduce.  Tried this on multiple relics with my Sororitas character and this seems to continue.  Issue does seem to affect rare and mastercrafted rarity items.

2) Season stasis casket is now empty!!  After Judgement season void crusade mission, returned to bridge and went to stasis casket to drop off loot and noticed it was entirely empty.  We still have 2 days left until end of season but EVERYTHING in the stasis casket is now gone!  Issue does not seem to affect non-seasonal casket inventory.  Can my inventory be restored??

Please help!

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WH40K : Crafting and Seasonal Stasis Casket Issue
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56 days ago
Thank you Marcopolocs!  Confirmed the seasonal stasis casket has been restored.  Will hold off on crafting until a bug fix has been implemented.  Lost enough relics with "reroll all enchantments" for the time being.  Sororitas DLC so far has been a blast!  Thank you for this game, it has been quite enjoyable!
56 days ago

1) This problem is already on our bug list, we will fix it ASAP!

2) There is a mechanism built into the game to prevent permanent item losses most of the time. It is possible that by now the items reappeared in your storage, please check on it.

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