We're still waiting for information on PC prices


Release is near but there are many money questions that should be easy to answer but remain unanswered. Some have been waiting for a real answer for a really long time.

Since the beggining of the early access, some have asked for the possibility to upgrade the pack they bought. The answer, more than a year ago, was that you (NeocoreGames) were working on it and a way to upgrade should be added by the summer to allow that. Summer 2017, to be clear. But no new information since.

The only evolution is that now, the answer is that an upgrade should be possible by the release. But it adds the question of knowing if it will be possible to upgrade to another founder pack or to something else.

Since the beggining of the month, console player know all their options: what packs are available, what is their content, and at what price. They even know there is a Season pass. They have no idea what's in it, neither if there is any point to buy it, but at least they know it's there. There was a communication intended to address the questions of the console players.

But PC players still have nothing. And I feel it's long overdue.

When do you expect to present the pre-order options for PC players? Do you at least intend to do it?

What can we expect? Will you finally fill your promise to offer a way to upgrade?

Console player get pre-order bonus. Will there be any for PC players?

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We're still waiting for information on PC prices
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6 years 45 days ago
Thought it was clear. Due to steam rules for EA packs can't be offered until launch. 
6 years 45 days ago


Console players have already everything but what about pre-order bonus on PC ?

That's max 60 euros on console unlesss you buy it in expensive shops.

6 years 56 days ago
The thing you say that Console players knows all their options. Don´t you think that Console players would also like to have their special Package, something similar to what PC players already can get if they want?

Don´t you think  Console Players would like to have that special Package that contains that special Miniature, Statue, Artbook, Metal dings and dongs, Map, Comic book, Stickers, Poster, T-Shirt, and something whatever I don´t know what is?

6 years 56 days ago

70€ for console version. This should answer anything ;). I would be suprised if it will be any cheaper for PC.

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