Weapons (Sounds and Balance)


Anyone else feel kinda let down by the sounds of the bolters? The plasma cannon has a nice deep thrum when it fires, but the giant heavy bolter sounds like a .22 being fired from a distance. The assault bolter also seems a little lackluster. I feel like I'm popping caps at the heretics.

The other thing I noticed is that there is almost no good reason to choose the plasma weaponry. Even against armoured units I found the bolters working far better overall. They are slow and do less damage. I am more than happy with the slow fire rate, but they are roundly a poor choice. The heavy bolter has 2 basic fire modes, the first one has higher scatter and does about half the damage when it does hit. Enemies die before suppression makes any sort of difference (not that I've seen suppression do anything yet) so really there's no reason to do anything but hold RMB and wait for things to die.

The only weapons that seem 'balanced' right now are the melee weapons. The sword and board option feels fast and nimble, and does reasonable damage. The thunderhammer hits like a truck but usually only one at a time. The abilities seem fleshed out a bit more and there's reason to hit multiple buttons. The downside is that it does lead to a bit of forced gameplay. If there's a big guy, you -have- to use the hammer or spend 5 minutes of cat-and-mouse chipping away with the sword and if you are swarmed you get one or two good AoE options with the hammer but otherwise you're going to get smacked around while you kill them one at a time. 

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Weapons (Sounds and Balance)
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7 years 130 days ago
I actually voted in the poll at the time. The video sounds amazing,  but that's not the sound that came through for me in the game.
7 years 130 days ago
I'm sad that we have disappointed you with the sounds - the sound of the Bolter was actually voted in by the community.
7 years 130 days ago

Thank your for your feedback! Appreciate it!