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Heavy Bolter: Very good for what it is.  Perhaps the wind up time on full auto is a little slow, and setup/teardown times for full auto are fast.

Plasma Cannon: I don't know where to begin with this, so I'll just try; the mortar-barrage ability is super-weak and should be boosted considering its cooldown.  The single-shot charge with CD ability does little to justify using it.  The rapid fire form just overheats to fast and does nothing to justify using it in any situation.  The most basic single shot fire mode (left click) is usable, but avoidable as it provides little beyond killing warp gates.

Power Sword: Very very very very very weak.  The cleaving-cone attack CD is too large.  The single target attack is too weak for the amount of danger it puts you in.

Power Axe: See Power Sword.  Side note; it does do very nice damage against terminators considering its flaws.

Power Hammer: I used it twice in combat and switched immediately after I realized both times that I couldn't find a way to not take 50% hp damage in a few seconds with it.  It needs a better engage rather than relying on having the jump pack, which is mega-unreliable.

Chain Sword: See Power Sword.  Side note; I like using this against unarmored foes as it handles them well enough considering its flaws.

Plasma Pistol: See Plasma Cannon.  It doesn't have anything that justifies taking it in your loadout.

Bolt Pistol: Shoots well, has a great close-range damage buff, and is versatile.  Love it.  Would take it over the jump pack for ranged engagements any day.

Autopistol: Probably the only pistol I'll ever use again other than the bolt pistol.  Works well with a melee build and provides the much-needed ranged engagement methods.

Boltgun: Good for what it is.  Could use some knockback/stagger to go along with the concussiveness that boltguns should deliver.

Plasma Gun: See Plasma Cannon.  Needs more oomph.  It feels like I'm spitting rather than creating miniature stars.

Shotgun: Perfect.  Devs do not touch.  Players need to have this in their off-slot.

Flamer: Hilarious to use against nurglings.  That said, I think the cone on all of it's attack forms needs to be widened just slightly.

Meltagun: Very fun to use, does what it sells.  Well balanced except that it could use some DoT damage on other attack forms and some extra damage to structures.

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Weapons Discussion
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7 years 156 days ago

Just tried a few of the weapons so here my points for them:

- Heavy Bolter, I don't see any sense in the right mouse button ability.. it's a bit faster in the start but not as good as the main attack. Good for tougher single targets. Missing a little bit more ability to fight hords (except the explosive shells).. perhaps a sweep attack or something.

- Melter Can't get in touch with this weapon.. for me it always feels like minecraft.. just "lamp" one to death, next. but have to find a uncommon or better one to try serious ^^

- Plasma Canon; actually my fav so far (though the missing model) I really like the #2 attack but agree, that they should have a larger impact, same as the #1 (a little less splash damage more armor piercing pls!) even for a cost of a higher cd. For my playstyle left and right mouse button work very well. Left for the tougher, farer targets with more life. Right Mouse button for the poor bastards that survived #2 with a little bit of health ^^

- Energysword/Shield, tough combination, but though I had a green sword it felt like doing nearly no damage. best skill was the shield bash and jumppack ability. The right mb sweep attack was way too slow to have any impact.

so far so good ^^

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7 years 156 days ago
I actually find the plasma gun is my primary weapon as I got an uncommon version early on, decent range but perhaps doesnt hit tougher enemies like plague marines hard enough, heavy flamer for secondary as its awesome when you get swamped by lots of weaker enemies.

Need to try some of the other stuff out once i actually start to keep my loot after missions :(

7 years 156 days ago
I could not try any other heavy gunner weapons due to a bug that prevented my loadout changes.  If anyone has insight on the heavy weapons I have not discussed, please let me know.