Weapons and gear disapeering.


I'm Pretty new to the game been playing a few hours now. But i keep running into a problem where i equip a gear/weapon usually weapons and when i get into the mission the item is no longer equipped and if i exit the weapon is completely missing. It has happened a hand full of times now.  I lose so much time every time it happened because then i need to go back and get the garbage gear the vendor sells  and farm for a new weapon to replace it just to continue the campaign.  Ill hold off for a while playing the game until its fixed or you give feedback.  If you require more information just let me know and ill get back asap.

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Weapons and gear disapeering.
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332 days ago
I farm purple items together with simple missions to gather fate but every mission my purple items keep disappearing.  

I loot 6-7 purple and i end up in my inventory with 2. Now i don't mind taking these items back, but we can't farm fate properly if this keeps happening.
Bear in mind i don't care much about it now that's still alpha but i just mention it so you fix this until release fellas.
Keep up the good work, we've got faith in you!

334 days ago
Posted by SenInt 344 days ago
Same here, the weapons/gear randomly turn into starter weapons/equipment.

This is exactly what keeps happening to me as well. Only with my crusader though. 

339 days ago

Please write an email to [email protected] if you have lost any items, we can give it back to you. Make sure to send your ingame account name too.

341 days ago

I've run into that problem as well, Senint, from time to time to. It usually seams to happen if i equip a new weapon then go right into a mission.

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344 days ago
Same here, the weapons/gear randomly turn into starter weapons/equipment.