Weapon Stats since patch


As it now seems that at least one of the crafting bugs has been fixed, I have been crafting a few weapons to improve my attack and defence ratings. However, I am beginning to suspect that the weapon damage has been reduced; not greatly but noticeably.

Has anyone else noticed this, or have I just been particularly unlucky?

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Weapon Stats since patch
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7 years 12 days ago
Grey Knight

Consistency is just one of my many qualities! 

Considering the frequency that the topic is misunderstood I fancied double checking before committing! Yes you understand correctly, you have beaten the first in game puzzle boss.

Some weapons are consistently +/- 2 from their previous min/max values. Presumably as an attempt to balance them. So yes, some weapons have had their damage adjusted.

Thus far i've noticed Shotgun +2, Heavy bolter +2, Exitus -2,

I expect there are many more changes though.

7 years 12 days ago

Sorry for double - won't let me edit / update.

Forgot to mention that I can't confirm if the heavy bolter(s) in question were crafted or not, as they were sat in my piggy bank for some considerable time. Ergo my input to your question or crafted items being - value might actually be irrelevant in which case ignore my input. 

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7 years 13 days ago

By the weapon damage are you referring too attack rating or the damage value associated with the weapon?

For the weapon damage i've noticed an increase with some weapons. Namely the heavy bolter and shotgun which both seem to be +2 on their previous damage values. Can't say i've crafted enough to comment on their attack rating however. 

7 years 12 days ago
Airsick Hydra

rofl, you are getting predictable! 

No the weapon damage, hence the italics; the damage weapons do with the individual skills. That is why I referred to the weapon damage after indicating that it was distinct from the attack and defence ratings. 

The damage value on some pistols and single handed melee weapons used by a crusader and, the exitus rifle may  have been reduced, hence the question. :)