weapon loadout reverting to default


Since today's patch I can now actually finish a mission without a lockup. (Win!)

However now that I've got some loot collected I find that when I change my loadout and enter a mission all my gear reverts to the default.

After mission completion my previously equipped loot is back in my inventory.

Curiously, when I start a mission, find default gear equipped, and then abort the mission; my changed loadout is still showing as being equipped.

Is there a workaround for this?

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weapon loadout reverting to default
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7 years 103 days ago
Exited the game and logged back in. My equipped loot is replaced by default and has vanished. 
7 years 103 days ago

Same here, at times when I finish a mission and I equip new stuff and try to sell the weaker ones, I get a error like "item not listed" and I lose a couple things I have equipped or dupes a stuff I have.