Wazone Co-op is a disaster.


Its... not working in the slightest of means of the word. There are honestly more bugs then i can list. The modifiers for making the mission harder dont apply in co_op, so they just dont happen at all. If we can ever get the mission to start without a party error, the mission never scales difficulty wise, its always -50% damage +100 suffered, no matter if its battle 70. The Chaos knight cant be fought co-op as far as we can tell, or it does but wont let the party do it. It also randomly crashes mid mission in warzone sometimes taking us back to the bridge but strangely not separating the party. 

Some more things...

The battle select sometimes doesn't let you select what number you want after 50, instead just goes up by 5 or so after a failed load with no upper limit to this increase. 

Warzone buffs dont apply but still take the favor.

These bugs iv listed happen very regularly without much work to recreate. 

I know im all over the place in this post but i had to empty my head from today's session. 

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Wazone Co-op is a disaster.
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4 years 143 days ago
Thanks for the update!!
4 years 144 days ago

Update, looks like the only modifier that for sure works is the the 2 deaths one. no others work.

4 years 144 days ago
4 years 144 days ago
May I ask the platform are you playing on? We will check on these issues.