Warzones, or why they completely disappoint in the first ten minutes.


I was actually quite excited for this content update, since we were promised proper story content -- but upon now having played two missions in the Warzone, I'm very much disappointed; here's why:

  • The story content is just one short text, nothing else -- there aren't even the voice comms from our Captain or our resident Astartes at the beginning of a mission anymore, nothing to provide context, an overview of goals or some kind of motivation.

  • Speaking of goals... it's just the same old uninspired "clear every room", without any trace of story content while doing so whatsoever... no cogitators to access, no logs, no pict-recordings to access -- nothing!
    Just mindlessly run through the same map layout again and again and kill everything. Grind much?

  • But it gets even worse: THERE IS NO LOOT WHATSOEVER!
    You must kill hundreds of enemies, including commanders/bosses, and none of them drop anything at all(!),not even innoculator or skill charges, let alone actual loot... this is offficially the single most boring and useless grindfest I've ever seen, where we don't even get any bloody loot for all the boring, uninspired "Kill everything"-missions on permanent repeat.

  • So on top of zero loot, zero story presentation, zero inspired mission design, levelling once again is slow, making it obvious that going through the "content" will take quite some time... but sorry, dear devs, this ISN'T how you keep players motivated and happy to play your game. Proper, actual content is what keeps any MMO/online-game afloat, interesting and relevant -- what you have delivered isn't content, it's a barely disguised grindfest that not only gives you nothing new, but even worse, gives you less than before, re the now missing voiceovers from our bridge crew, map and mission type variety, etc.

    I had really high hopes that this game would receive properly motivating longterm content updates... but so far, it's been a very cool story campaign and then nothing. Just uninspired grind, grind, grind, grind... oh, and grind.
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5 years 144 days ago
You find them challenging?

Maybe the later levels might eventually at least offer that, but the first two, for me as a Psyker, I roflstomped through them entirely brainafk cause they were less challenging than what I usually did while playing story etc: set everything to impossible.

5 years 144 days ago
One question:

We have an amount of skill to unlock in the Warzone. A decent amount of work is obviously put into them. So, The Question: "Are those skills/passives/perks something what is planned to be released in 'normal' game in the future?"

5 years 144 days ago

Ten minutes of Warzone for Fun:


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I like the concept of the Warzones. Real challenging. But i understand the critic comments too. 

I suggest: 


1. At the end of every stage should be a boss with special skills. So that it feels epic to master an stage.  

2. The maps has to be more different. There are different rooms by now, but we need more variation. 

3. At the end of every Stage should wait a chest. Players like to find and open it. Feels better, than the loot-Box. ;-) 

5 years 144 days ago

First "event" was "grind 50 missions" (It said kill 5000 enemies and you got ~100 per mission as horde did not count).

Second "event" was outright "grind 50 missions".
Third...."event"?!....named WarZone is asking you to ....why?!

I don't get that obsession with "grind 50 mission", really, but how hard could it be to put some unique bosses in there?
At least do something that rewards people who still manage to pay attention after grinding those 50 missions with semi-hidden side areas that contain fully optional extra tough named(!) mobs or bosses...that could even open up extra mini-story arcs if there would be any story at all.... -.-

The perks and "world abilities" that you have to pay EVERY TIME you want them in a mission are all outright useless, unimaginative or needlessly restricted, the mines are a joke, the storm watchers space marine does not last 5 seconds under fire, 15% dmg is "useful" but dull, and the next interesting perk comes at WZ lvl 39 ...wtf?!?
You, Neocore, had ALL freedom there is, having all that stuff restricted to the WZ, you could have made that one a crazy ride with OP and super fun perks and special abilities and equally OP and fun enemies, and you used nothing of that freedom, why?!

That whole WarZone thing lacks literally everything that could make it fun, everything.
And it looks like the devs only had 1-2 days spare work time to make the whole thing, so just copy&paste and be done for it,
no story, no audio, not even at mission start, no variation in missions, not even a tiny bit.

And there still is no fate and no glory, and no credits from the mission itself.
UC was pre-nerv more challenging, rewarding and fun than the whole WZ.

I would really love to understand what was or is the idea behind that WarZone, and why it is how it is.

If there is any explanation to it, now would be a good time to reveal that mystery.

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Before the white knights jump in with "warzones drop loot now", the loot isn't the main issue.  It's the part about no story, no dynamic events, just "here's 5 rooms, kill everything in them" x50.

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Totally agree,

the whole system so far looks, from a design standpoint, so dull that one could wonder if the devs made a contest among them who could come up with the most lazy and unimaginative design ever.
Or they try to make the next thing they release so bad that their previous "features" look suddenly good  in comparison.

Yes, there should be more coming, maybe even something that will give it all a meaning.

But so far, in that "War Zone" you do missions that:
- look all the same, there is NO variation besides different room shapes
- give no fate (!)
- give no credits (!)
- give favour that is payed PER USE for WZ-only perks and such
- give nothing that is anyhow of any use outside the WZ
- make you experience the same broken leveling curve that we all know already

Yea, I always thought that killing those rare champion mobs that sometimes spawn on normal maps is too rewarding!
I totally agree it is super satisfying to see how this has been fixed, and I can now run a mission that basically guarantees me getting 4 of those challenging mobs without the slightest chance of anyone of them dropping any loot at all!
Mavellous work, NC!

Seriously, how difficult can it be to provide events or ...."features" that are NOT demanding you to do the EXACT SAME mission 50 times in various difficulties...?!
How hard would it be to put some actual story and variation into that copy&paste block of 50 missions?!
Or anyhow at least something that feels rewarding to do those, instead of stripping players of all loot, credits and fate on top of how dull those missions are?!