Warzone Nemesis Battle


So I just spent my entire afternoon grinding these warzone missions so that I would have enough favour in order to attempt the nemesis boss. I finally got enough and gave the fight a try. I went in knowing nothing about the fight and got beaten like I was Rihanna when she was dating Chris Brown.

After the fight I was shocked to see that I had lost all my favour and needed to get another 50 just to try that fight again. Why would you put a boss fight behind such a massive grind? This is so disheartening, I really do not want to attempt this again. Is there any chance that this mode will be revamped in the future?

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Warzone Nemesis Battle
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1 year 178 days ago

raise the rank warzone on lower battle.

collect and fusion relict items (it often falls in the warzone battles)

raise the level character on the tarot missions.

use improvment +50% damage to enemyes for next 5 missions.

invite another inquisitor.

i have 70 level(current maximum on ps4) and 28 rank of warzone and battle 50 for example.

i wait next rank to go further.

1 year 178 days ago

What is the class of your character?
What level do you have?
Which weapon or spell do you use?
What rank warzone do you have?
What is your equipment level?

1 year 178 days ago
Wow, I was getting stomped on battle 13. I must be doing something wrong then.

I was also playing alone, which I suspect is not how this mode was intended to be played.
1 year 178 days ago

Sorry I do not speak French :(

1 year 179 days ago


The higher the battles, the more favors you get up to, a maximum of 25. The relics you can loot have the same power from lv 40 to lv 60. Once you have them there are no interest in continuing to farm them.I hope that neocore will finally move to solve this problem.

If you speak French and you are on ps4, I can help you.

1 year 180 days ago
Favor reward cap at 25, on warzone battle level 120.  That means, only 2 warzone battle at such level is enough to get the 50 favor for the boss fight.  It would be a lot more efficient if you can reach such battle level before farming the boss.

There is the "Favour Boost" consumable that you can get by doing tarot mission with the minor card "Perseverance", which would give an extra 30% favour reward from warzone battle.  With it at battle level 120+ it gives a total 32 favor reward per battle.