Warp Spawn Champions From Warp Heat Spawning way to much


As much as I like the full loot bags, twice over, for ever board I play, the warp spawn champions, from high warp heat, are getting out of hand. Ever board I play, no kidding, I will end up killing more warp spawned champions than mobs generated with the board. For every one I kill 1-3 more spawn in there place. There can be up to a dozen or more on the board at once attacking me. I don't even touch panic room mission, because ever single second there is a warp spawn champion or a dozen, chasing me and they will one shot the target that needs guarding.  My friends joke that I drain the warp of demons every night. I handle them just fine and decimate them quick enough, but it is just a constant stream of them that is getting annoying. Sometimes I will clear a room and then sit there fighting champions demons for 5 minutes before I can move to the next room. 

I invite the admins to come play a few mission with me and see what I am talking about. No joke, I will start a mission sometimes and just put my buffs on. 3 Champions will spawn before I leave the first tile....My suggestion, reduce the chance of the champions spawning from high warp heat down a lot and increase the rate in which regular demons spawn. Maybe add some variety from other chaos forces. 

As an example, this picture shows the number of demons that spawned just from me cleaning up after a boss fight and wondering around breaking barrels as I let my warp heat cool down..


As a Final Note, This severity of the spawns range from mission to mission. It is like the Random Number Generator decides this mission you are going to get the entire community of Warp Spawned Champions to accompany you on your journey... Last mission.. no joke. I think we killed 200+ Warp Spawned Champions, as just in the first room, before we could move on to the next room, we had to kill upwards of 30 champions, before there was a break in the spawning.

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Warp Spawn Champions From Warp Heat Spawning way to much
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5 days ago
We will decrease the chance of their spawning, thanks for every input!
19 days ago
Cerberus Hades

Upvote the main post bud so it gets attention. You are correct about the DOTS from the Nurgle Champions... The stacking on them when there is a bunch on screen gets crazy, so much so I have had to makes sure my inculcator has a negate dots and make you immune for 3 seconds for just such a case. Regardless, I would say 3/4 of my deaths are due to those Nurgle Champions and their DOTS overwhelming my health generation.... which is crazy with the berserker tokens and health regen per a token.

BTW I deal with the triangle by using a Aether Blade, that lets me pop out of them quickly and stay away. They do spawn like crazy though. I have had my whole screen filled with them in no time during a fight. More of a minor annoyance in comparison with the champion spawns. 

Also Read this paper I am putting together and let me know if you have any suggestions. I will get back to finishing it up soon. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vCNZW_LQKQn7syG2x2tkXZd1sZGeDetYUmyTluNkU2E/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to do a bit of the research yourself and throw the results my way. 

The best solution I have come up with for all this is to diversify the spawns a bunch by adding what type of demons can spawn and to lower the chance for champions to spawn by a lot. As Champions are 80% of what spawns most the time. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just regular demons spawning as the majority.   

21 days ago
yes they just spawn way to much  period and now with game  new balance / there dot  poison is off the chart 

on top of  that there no poison resist ./ there just to  OP  need to fixed

on top of that the dam triangle. is very annoying,   there  just to much stuff on screen

27 days ago
SinfulDa Masta
I play on 110 to 115 depends. 115 The spawns get crazy.. Always a hoard of a dozen around at least, you kill them more just keep spawning. I will finish up the research soon, Real life is kicking my butt right now. 
31 days ago
What difficulty are you usually playing on (# of levels above you) and how long does it usually take you to finish a mission?
36 days ago

I am on PC Sir! I have also taken it upon myself to do a little experiment and put together a research paper on the subject. It includes a few other things in it as well, like info on the current lost of inventory from missions and some visibility issues. It isn't quite complete as of yet, because of the inventory disappearing from co-op mission. BTW that only happens when 3 or more people are in a Group. Groups of 2 are just fine. Below is the link to the gdoc I am putting together for yall. The NPC Warp Spawns btw don't seem to be affected by the warp attunement perk at all.... and Champions are spawning in on an average ratio of 10 to 1 with regular demons spawns. On Average you will get about 100+ Champions spawning in on a short board.  


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36 days ago
Which platform are you playing on? 
39 days ago

Just did a count for the number of warp champions spawned on a short board.... 115... Yha.... That is not even counting the regular demons spawned.

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