Warp Fleck notifications


So I started the new season and am enjoying it quite a lot.

But there's a big issue ruining my mood and these are the warp fleck notifications that keeps popping out even when I am just standing at my command bridge.

I tried removing floating text but they still keep popping out. Some might ask what is the problem with them ? Once they are on the screen I can't click with my mouse anywhere around them so half of the time I can't go to another mission or can't sort my inventory as due to it I can not click on the appropriate places.

Please either remove them or make them stay shorter. Also if anyone knows if they can be turned off from the game I am all ears.

Thank you in advance.

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Warp Fleck notifications
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3 years 73 days ago
The issue is gone. Thank you for the hotfix!
3 years 79 days ago
Thank you so much!

What I've been doing pretty much all the time right now is quitting to main menu after each mission and it becomes really tedious to be able to properly enjoy the game.

Awaiting for the hotfix.

3 years 79 days ago
We will fix this problem with a hotfix. It is already in works and you can expect its release early next week!
3 years 80 days ago
Yep, the same problem. Decribed it in the patchnotes post.