Warhammer Prophecy Stuck at second planet


I am currently playing Prophecy. I started a Tech Adept character. I am supposed to go to Forge world Thule and talk. The dialogue, I think is from the Martyr campaign. I have watched you tube videos to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Their videos have a different monologue allowing them to progress, whereas I can not. I start with two choice, the first allows me to go through a brief monologue before returning me to the original two choices and the second immediately kicks me back out to the planet select screen. Anyone experience this or know how to fix it? Yes I have both games on steam. Prophecy is installed, Martyr is not.

Account Krewlorc

Character Zilleon

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Warhammer Prophecy Stuck at second planet
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53 days ago


The issue got fixed on our backend so it didn't even require a hotfix release. Please check your characters and in case you still have any problem please inform us!

53 days ago

Everyone!We started to work on the issue and will hotfix the game in the shortest time possible! I will keep you updated here about when we will release the fixes.

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience!

56 days ago
Same here, i reviewed all files on steam and still nothing fixed
56 days ago
Same here.