Warhammer console bugs


I've been playing for a couple of days I'm loving the game. However a few things has come to mind watching the blood and gore trailer and it shows the distructive environments, limb dismemberment and executions. But in my game the cover doesn't break or crumble like the trailers it just seems to fade away and I'm not seeing any limb dismemberment. My last note is the execution prompt comes up but it bugs and I can't pull off the executions. I'm curious will these be fixed/added I would really like to know thanks in advance for any info!

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Warhammer console bugs
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3 years 154 days ago

It also happens with stationary wapons? I can't use them if there is an enemy in sight. Also the explosive barrels seems to be the first priority in targeting so if there is a chest my character needs to destroy all the explosive barrels near before opening it. 

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3 years 155 days ago
Mines the  opposite I can be in the middle of a huge fight I push A then my character runs through the enemies taking damage  to a chest or supple create it’s really annoying
3 years 155 days ago
It also happens with any action if the A button is assigned to a skill, the game always prioritize the skill instead of manning a stationary wwapon or opening a chest. 
3 years 155 days ago
I’ve been using the default control scheme but every time I get the prompt to do an execution I press the A button but my character keeps just doing his weapon on the enemies. I did just change the control scheme to advance I can now do executions but the enemies don’t have any animations during the executions they just stand there then just fall over
3 years 155 days ago
Can you tell me detailed how you "can't pull off" the executions? What is the bug you realized?