Warhammer 40K Martyr Mission Screen Bug


While playing Warhammer 40K Inquisitor - Martyr i encountered a bug where the mission screen for a priority mission (stage 1) window is stuck on my screen while i'm in base. the window has no exit marker, and pressing esc or any combination of keys has no effect. the window also prevents me from moving or interacting with anything in my base essentially locking me in. Restarting the game (on my 3rd try) opens it up with the window already there so as soon as i load my character the game is stuck. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

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Warhammer 40K Martyr Mission Screen Bug
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6 years 317 days ago
Hi! You have to choose from 3 options at the right of the screen.  Simply click on one of them (into the circle) and the Continue button will be available. 
6 years 317 days ago

Hi there similar bug I found, when mission did not load I was forced to Alt F4 out of the game, exiting steam and also validating the game cache didnt seem to work, I've entered game 3 times and still have this mission briefing unable to close, nothing else in the command bridge is accessible, character cannot move, not even the escape menu appears. Only thing I can see working apart from animations is the Global Chat.

Account name : Ayylmao 

Character name :  Visa

Mission selected was the primary mission from the Second available galaxy to play (around 275 rating), and the sub sector in that at the most bottom of the screen, apologies I do not know the exact name. This was also solo play I was attempting the mission in.