Warhammer 40 k Inquisitor download issues


I try to download application data and it stucked at 17.975/45.315 GB. I finished  first few missions and I am in the command center now. I click on star map then download begins but nothing happens. Can you help please? 

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Warhammer 40 k Inquisitor download issues
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262 days ago
Unfortunately we haven't heard nor received any similar feedback in relation with Inquisitor.

Our console team is also out of ideas why this problem occurred on your end (with the exception of not having enough space on your drive).
We would recommend you to contact Sony's support, hopefully they will be able to assist you in the matter.

263 days ago
I'm sorry to say that but I think you'll have to wait until tomorrow (monday). The devs aren't online on weekends. 

Personally I don't think this is a good idea because there seem to be a lot of people buying the game and want to start the weekend after. But when there occurs a problem (which does regularly) they have to wait 2-3 days for a response/solution and probably get mad because they aren't able to play the whole weekend.

Please have patience

263 days ago
I guess I will just have to ask for a refund as content is faulty and no support from staff here. Disappointing 
263 days ago
Tried again and still additional data download does not work. I have enough storage and other apps downloading fine. I bought Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Martyr Imeprium Edition. I am stucked at chapter 2 in command center. When I click on Starmap additional application data will not download. Is anyone aware of any current issues with downloading? 
263 days ago
Can anyone help please?