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Warpgates are way to easy to defeat in my opinion. They should be more durable and maybe ramp up the spawn over time (of course dont pair them with Elite then), they also appear too often in missions beside "Purge".
Right now every Elite needs a special approach (Dreadnoughts and Hellbrute can be kited, Standard-bearer need to be killed fast and so on) but Warpgates are just sitting there to be snacked.

You guys are doing a grat job so far, this in just a minor annotation from me and balancing has of course low priority right now :).

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7 years 47 days ago

I too have also seen the odd gate which seems to not spawn mobs. Perhaps only 1/10 of them. I think it's safe to wait for the next build and see if the issue is still present. There certainly does seem a little inconsistency with some of the room densities which I think it the largest issue in why some gates are a pain and others are easy to deal with. In a densely populated room it's a real grind, especially against havocs who aren't chasing you. ugh.

7 years 47 days ago

Thanks for getting back to us. :)

If the gate is not spawning sufficient mobs, once it is 'activated' as it were, then I do see your point. Having had some nasty experiences with gates spawning a lot of mobs in the past, I tend to ensure that I have coaxed the guards away from the gate in sufficient numbers to prevent me suffering that again. I will try to be less cautious with the next few gates I encounter and put it to the test.
Cheers. :)

7 years 47 days ago

Most Warpgates i encounter are guarded by at least Marines, but killing the Warpgate is no challenge, and it barely stars spawning, even if i take my time kiting a Cybot.

7 years 47 days ago

That is pretty much my experience of warp gates and, for that matter my learning curve too! :)

But there has been the odd occasion where I have found a gate pretty much  unguarded. So I am genuinely interested to hear how often Swinweflue has come such instances. 

7 years 48 days ago

Warpgates are one of those things that are at their most diabolical when set in a far back corner of a room with an elite near the entrance acting as a distraction and delaying both discovery and destruction of the gate. Meanwhile, while Crusader X is tackling NurgleBot Prime, the Warpgate is happily churning out mobs in droves. Some of those attack Crusader X while he's otherwise preoccupied and while he defeats Nurglebot Prime and the mobs, he's gotten a tad beat up and ohwaitwhatinthenameoftheEmperorohEmperortherearesooooooomanyofthem! *beats hasty retreat to previous room for a breather* OhEmperortheykeepfollowingme! *Runs to starting location* Oh Yay! I got a couple health ticks up and my suppression is green again andwhatthefrelltheyfollowedmeallthewaybackhereandtherearemoreandmoreandmoreand...

...and Crusader X gets the unenviable job of dealing with ALL the packs that have been spawning and trapsing after him in the meantime, like a swarm of ants after the galaxy's tastiest peanut butter sammich.

This hasn't happened to me...often. But it's happened once. Twice. Maybe more. Look, I don't just run into rooms guns blazing okay? I'm a scout and shoot kind of heretic hunter.

7 years 48 days ago

I've come across a few empty ish rooms with warp gates but I think it's safe to assume this is just somethign that will be revised with the new map / enemy and AI system in the coming patch. Personally I like the ones that regen, one of the few moments in the game that have felt challenging and broke the monotony of pointing and shooting. Planning was required... and grenades

7 years 48 days ago

I'm curious, how often you find a warp gate unprotected?