Rogue trader isn't working


Question about inquisitor - martyr.

Rogue trader isn't working after the patch with profecy. When i try to trade for the first time after login all tarder's inventory tabs are empty. Also i can not sell items. I can see stats of items and switch tabs in invetory (my and trader's).

If quit trading and come to trader again then screen is darkened and i cant do anything exept quit trading. trader's inventory still empty.

Question is: how to make trader working again?

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Rogue trader isn't working
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we are working on this right now while also collect feedback.
Could you please send a verbose log file by launching the game, logging in with one character, open the store, close it then close the game and send the file?
How to create and send it: 

  • Right click on the game in  the Steam Library 
  • Hit Properties 
  • Click "Set Launch Options" 
  • Enter "verbose_logging=1" WITHOUT the quote marks 
  • like this: 
  • Click OK and start the game. Here please do as mentioned above - log in open store etc 
  • Go to  Documents/NeocoreGames/Warhammer Martyr/ and find a warhammer.txt 
  • Send it to [email protected]

It would be of great help, thanks in advance!