Void Crusades Should be 2 Player


The biggest thing they need to fix is making void crusade multiplayer. When void crusade is your biggest end game activity there is no excuse for it being single-player only.  I'm hoping this is the place to mention something like this.  If you agree with me, post a reply, a thumbs up, something to let them know we would all love this feature.  

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Void Crusades Should be 2 Player
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1 year 160 days ago
That's what I like to hear.

I mean, I have some thoughts in general regarding the state of the game. Void Crusades being one of the biggest issues, for sure.

The most important thing here - in my humble opinion - is to make this game a multiplayer game. Random missions, yeah, nice. But not really satisfying.

Having to play the campaign is not something I really enjoy, but I could live with that. If only we could play it in a party, too. Yes, maybe you have to seperate the Tech Adeptus from the rest here, but that would be fine. Morality choices individually as always and we're good. For the time being, I keep telling my two team mates that they have to advance their campaign, because there is important stuff in there. Doing this as a team - even if you're through with yours already - would be just great. Even those missions where you get to play with that Imperial Knight. I mean, there's no loot anyways, why don't you guys just give us 3 of those bad boys and we tear the whole place apart as it is meant to be? We might even kick things up to +10, just because we can.

Maybe there could even be a choice to skip the whole campaign stuff in terms of morality points for further characters? Or just give those the possibility to just serve in a very brief version of it. Campaign is just for a) the story that you can only really enjoy the first time, because later you'll know, and b) for morality points. Everything else can be done better elsewhere.

Void crusades. Oh man, I like those. The decisions you have to make. Do I take another route? Can I afford the additional difficulty? And that one time (spoiler ahead) when I went down with my Tech Adeptus and ran straight into a Chaos Knight? On foot? That was awesome. I figured that I'd have been screwed doing this with my Psyker, but the Tech Adeptus did okay. It was a long and hard fight, though. Well, I guess that's to be expected.

So making Void Crusades multiplayer. That would be very great. My thought process is that you'd possibly go way more ham in those than you'd do on your own. Maybe it pays off, maybe it doesn't. It should be possible for all players, though, to see the map of the Void Crusade so that all can discuss where to go next. It always annoys me that my team mates can't really see how I altered the missions we're headed to. Maybe you can even go that far that players can vote for what they think should be the next mission. So that the party leader can see that there's one vote for the left mission, two votes for the right mission, for example. Keys and information should be shared, of course. But I guess after the boss fight, there is no need to keep the group together anymore. And since you did the trick using a teleporter already, every player could be ported into there own instance of the loot room. Thus they could make their individual choices on which info to spend where and which chests to open. Of course, the placement of the chests should be random in every instance or else we could just say, like, "Chest on 9 o' clock is relics" and break the system that way.

Multiplayer in general. There is one thing that kinda annoys me at the end of multiplayer maps. After meeting the objective, we got a countdown and get ported out. I understand that this mechanic can be important to prevent players from holding each other hostage in games. But hey, when not even one player voted "leave", it should not start the countdown. Can't we just make it so that the countdown starts when at least one person hit "leave" and when all have clicked "leave" get us out instantly? Sometimes we're on a timer and have to get the objective first. Often there's stuff to pick up, alternate routes to clear, just because "the stain can't stand".

Assassin. Man, I don't know what to write here. I really like that single target boom she can put out, but I can't get her rolling. Any class. Not her. Just misses some aoe damage. My psyker clears a room full of, like, 50 nurglings with one single strike. She'd have to shoot about 50 times. Well, there are some possibilities. But neither are good. Maybe she should have some more melee focus and get some additional aoe there? I can't tell. But as far as I'm concerned, that class needs some tweaking. But that may just be my personal preference speaking.

One more thing, though. My guys and I are playing the Rogue Trader pen & paper game. I'd really like my psyker to be female, in order to match my character in the game. Because she's a face-melting menace with no remorse for the unholy. So gender choice during character creation might be another pleasant addition. Yes, I know. There are almost no females in the Imperial Army. But there are always exceptions. And since Inquisitors aren't your usual company, they are predestined to be different, aren't they?

Thanks for reading.

1 year 168 days ago

It's coming!:) We are working on it already!:)

1 year 169 days ago

coop void crusade announced in season 3. see roadmap.