Void crusade missions become unselectable after connection failure



Sometimes when we play in group, a window would pop up saying things like "in-game progress lost, returning to bridge".

And after that, the mission will become unselectable (see the picture below,  2 missions unselectable), and cannot be played anymore.

Restart the game doesn't seem to help.

This bug has been a while. It prevents people from completing a perfect crusade. Please fix this, thanks!

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Void crusade missions become unselectable after connection failure
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3 days ago
Seems its not just me have connection issue tonight. It's happening on larger scale
3 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 13 days ago
How is it going? Do you experience disconnections lately?

Regrettably, I just confirmed the issue is still there :(

I'll describe this issue again in more details: 

During team play, 2 people got kicked out simultaneously.                               

Message say: "You have been disconnected from the server. In-game progress has been lost and you will be returned to the Command Bridge. Reason: Server closed. "

Then the game would try to re-login but fail. We had to restart the game and login——then found that void crusade mission became unselectable. (If we move mouse onto the icon, the texts say "Mission Available" but we cannot select it)


Other details :

 one of the players crashed several times during same mission , and each time he restarted the game to resume the battle.

 I don't really think this is related to the issue but I think I should say it here.

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6 days ago
These are separate issues. The game thinks that the player failed the mission in case of a server error/disconnection. The other problem is the disconnection itself.

We can't track it down unless a player implements a verbose_log command on PC and plays until they receive a disconnection. The error written into the log file can give us some clues.

8 days ago

Hi Marco

No, I have no disconnection during mission since my last reply.  (Though I only tested in last week,  had to be away from computer this week, which is also the reason I didn't reply earlier :(    ) 

As of now I cannot say for sure if this is issue is gone.... I'll let you know if that happens again in Feburary.


Some players still say similar issues happened this week, but I think it is slightly different from mine (all people got kicked out during void crusade):

THEIR issue: (Maybe @mixol9 is saying this as well)

When playing void crusade in groups, sometimes the team leader didn't load into mission at all (But others in the team succeeded)

The (former) team leader then found the void crusade mission icon became dark and unselectable, like the picture I showed above. (While the "survivors" were playing that mission )

Later he found this mission became "failed". He didn't ask if the other people actually won or lost the battle, guess they just lost it.

Hope this helps 

9 days ago
Naj bardziej dotkliwe to jest jak gra się z zespołem wtedy jest ten problem. Wyrzuca do ekranu głównego i jest próba zalogowaniem ale nie loguje i wtedy trzeba wyłączyć cała grę a wtedy jest po misji na którą chciało się iść 
13 days ago
How is it going? Do you experience disconnections lately?
16 days ago
też mam ten problem. Ogólnie mało stabilna gra
22 days ago
Thanks ! We'll try it out :)
24 days ago
We updated the PC version a couple of days ago and that update included connection fixes to resolve the problem in question. Please keep me updated if you still experience it with the same frequency.
37 days ago
Thanks for your suggestion, buddy. 

As you say, I think I have to solo play now to guarantee a perfect crusade (only do co-op in the final mission to share the loots with my friends).

The devs sometimes read and reply here, so I leave this message in vague hope that it could be solved in the future. 

Other communication channels like discord are not always convenient to me so I have to write here : (

38 days ago

No point in writing here at this stage 

I suggest cutting your loss and Finnish it 

Do a perfect crusade solo most connection loss is in co-op
this new season is complete disaster with problem, last season was stable enough to be played co-op in campaign
Now i had this problem in campaign missions co-op sabotage(fairly early), then 3rd mission  on martyr. Its do to the bosses.
I have a support ticket opened
December 17
got reply

December 19


Marcopolocs profile

Hey there,

we would like to inquire whether the problem you reported is still being experienced to this day. If yes, please let me know your partner's in-game account name as well as we can see yours on the screenshot and our developer team will check on the issue.

Looking forward to your reply,



I named the accounts on that day
December 22
my messages : 

still experiencing

what are you doing there!?

great so i am locked out of game story progress till this is fixed

December 30

dude WTF ? 1 week ago!? are you serious

I rage quite will wait for a new season or will later redownload the game to play on normal server this season is BS.

They should have launched Battle Sister 1st then new season at a later date

this game is fun playing with friends and having this season be played do to these server loss glitches(co-op exclusive problem) is just was the straw this month. 

Sinking in other games

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