Void Crusade lag /framerate lost on PS4


I can't played the void crusade because of the huge lags, freeze and framerate lost, my character walk like a robot and i can't use inoculator for healing due to freeze

Thanks to help me and my friends ,we are a group of PS5 players who can't finish void crusade

My PSN: Vangerdahast_80

My discord tag: Vangerdahast#7738

I'm french ;)

Thanks Neocore for your awesome game :)

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Void Crusade lag /framerate lost on PS4
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3 years 164 days ago

Yes i experienced it with my girlfriend on PS5 with seasonal character and main character

On Void Crusade, intel, primary Assignation, more when we have rainning weather, red fog or weather effect

We experienced it on 2 differents Crusade

We have no bugs on ours PS5, no heat or sound problems

We have respectively 700mega and 900 mega fiber internet connection

This lags and framerate lost appears when we are in coop or solo game sessions

Thank you very much to help us !

Can we expect to see a PS5 versions ? We loved your game so much !

3 years 164 days ago
Could you tell me the followings:
  • If you experienced this bug with more of your characters?
  • Only in Void Crusade did you run into the problem?
  • Are there more Crusades where this occurs or only in a specific one?
  • Are you playing with a Seasonal character? If yes, did you check it with non-seasonal too?