Void Crusade Bugged!


Twice now I have spent hours getting a Void crusade done only for the game to crash when im trying to delete some blue items to free up inventory space.  So all loot and xp/skulls etc lost

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Void Crusade Bugged!
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66 days ago
Lovely thank you
69 days ago
Your non-seasonal character's inventory is worth a check now. :) 
94 days ago


My account is Lucky2909 - currently I only have the one toon. I play on the PC.

The game crashed as I was stood in front of the reward chests ready to open them. I realised my bags were full so had to delete some items. I began dragging blues to the bin on the third weapon or armour item the game froze and crashed. 

So after finishing the void crusade ( I did not complete it btw just finish about 2/3 of the missions so it was not maxed out but still should have rewarded me with at least 2 bits of high level usable gear.

I know I had 4 keys so should have at least had the main chest and 4 smaller ones to open.

The void Crusade was an Ivory one I think. Sorry I cannot recall exactly.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply to this message. 

94 days ago

Can you tell me at which part of the Void Crusade did you run into the crash? At the very end when you opened the Void chests or somewhere else?

Which Void Crusade was this?

Can you recall the type of the items?

Additionally, please tell us your account name and platform. We will try to compensate your loss to at least some degree.