Void crusade bug

Playing void crusade and used ebony shards. After finishing covert mission and consequent mission the attached bonus isn't unlocked 

(left side).

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Void crusade bug
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78 days ago
You need to hold extra skill button, for this mission you will get skill, usually it bound to button 5. So you approach the dude and press 5 and hold it for a while, than it will be caught.
78 days ago

Hi, I start a void crusade after some mission I got a "catch the fugitive" Drukhari mission. I started to chase the target and so long 30 sec from the start I reached and killed him after that got the message about he escaped and mission failed.  Did I do something wrong or it's a bug?

By the way the game is awsome! Hajrá srácok csak így tovább!

179 days ago
We are already investigating this issue, expect a fix on this in the upcoming period.