Video Idea request and channel chat


Alright guys, this vid kinda falls into the self promotion category but the folks at Neocore were kind enough to let me put the following video up. 

Within is a chat about the channel / video direction - (Where i'd love your input) - Followed by a quick mention of a patreonn page for anyone who wants to help out. 

Have a great weekend

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Video Idea request and channel chat
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6 years 256 days ago


You cant do to much content O.o. Just do sections for game related stuff and for lore related stuff as well as for guides and maybe some Q&A parts with the devs if they up to it.  The only problem i see is the lore part. WH40k has a rich lore that was changed here and there according to the version you got your hands on. Martyr is a arpg at first so lore suffers a lot and may confuse people more then it helps.

The best content you could come up with would be some behind the scenes stuff, just "videochat" with some ppl about the job they do at Neocore. I think there could be a lot of intrest in the perople that do all the work, where they come from and stuff like this. 

Thats all i come up with for now. Good luck with your future content!