Viable Ranged Crusader Builds


Hello Everyone,

I am currently running a level 51 ranged crusader and I was wondering if it is a viable character in higher levels? And if there are any build out there that does not rely on the gravity gun when running high level missions? I was hoping to build my character around the heavy bolter but I find that I just switch to the grav gun since clearing with any other ranged weapon just feels too slow and weak.

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Viable Ranged Crusader Builds
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2 years 100 days ago
Well, you have to consider some bullet points which you need.

The basic of every ARPG is:

less time in missions=more items

So you need a build that is 

A: quick movement

B: can kill  mobs without taking too much time, that means you kill normal packs in more or less one shot.

Its hard to achive that with a crusader, since you lack of movement. So if you use a range weapon, you will always have trouble beeing quick enough.

You could play a brick tank that is unkillable but you need more than 5min per mission. Thats not efficence at all.

The only range weapon that gives you movement is the autopistol. Other than that, your armour which needs focus and that is only recharged by a fixed time, so you will run out of focus to use your armour boost.

Those things considerd are pushing you into the usage of a  personal transporter (imo the best choice)

Then you can use basically every range weapon you want. For good AOE is the grav gun still the king, but the devs mentioned they might nerf it (tbh that thing is straight out OP) Melta gun is good for burning down stuff.

The heavy bolter could work, if they buffed it.

Other than that its the same as with the rest. Use items that benefit that weapon and your playstyle and you're good to go.

2 years 100 days ago

It would be nice though if there are other unique but viable for endgame builds besides the usual melee crusader and psykers. I was thinking of even making a melee psyker but that's just crazy talk though lol.

2 years 101 days ago
the problem with the grav gun is the speed.

As crusader you have only one mobility skill and that if you use the armour.

Best way to counter this would be a personal transporter and "enemy can drop a supply box on death" mod on a item.

So grav gun is good for leveling up, but later i would try to move either into melee (2hand mace looks good) or bolter/autogun playstyle.

Deflect builds with shield/sword are good when enemies are close together, but with the new warzones and void missions, dont find those kind of clustered enemies any longer. On the bigger maps you have groups of 3-4 enemies most of the time. Maybe im spoiled with my psyker, but the crusader really feels kinda slow.

2 years 102 days ago
Yeah, seems like the grav gun beats all the other ranged weapons specially that channeling skill that can take out hoards and bosses alike.
2 years 102 days ago
Yeah, seems like the grav gun beats all the other ranged weapons specially that channeling skill that can take out hoards and bosses alike.
2 years 103 days ago
The grav gun is your best choice. Heavy bolter got a buff but people say it still isn't as good. You could try a heavy bolter and vulnerabilities build as the bolter applies then vulns very fast if you really want to. Multi melta is also okish but you lack aoe for hoards.